Sunday, December 10, 2023

Adrián Miramón, new protagonist of ‘Sport goes through neighborhoods’

The Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga returns this week with the second appointment of 2023 of the social and sports project ‘Sport goes through neighborhoods’a program of meetings organized by the APDM itself and with the collaboration of the “la Caixa” Foundation through CaixaBank.

The talk, titled “Row against the current”will take place next Thursday, May 18 at 6:00 p.m. in the chambao of the Pedregalejo Rowing Clubright on the beach and in front of the Bay of Malaga, with the athlete from Malaga Adrian Miramon as a great protagonist. The rower will be accompanied by the journalist from Radio Marca Jose Morenowho will lead the meeting, and will have the valuable testimony of the members of Málaga Dragon Boat.

‘Paddling against the current’. Adrián Miramón Quiroga, a native of Benalmádena, is a figure of sea rowing, a modality that claims to be Olympic, and has numerous victories in the main national and European championships to his credit, becoming five times world champion in individual skiff. In addition, last 2022 marked a milestone by achieving the triple crown: World, European and Spanish Championship. He knows first-hand what it is to row against the current, that is his day-to-day life when he goes out to train and compete, but he also did it when he moved to the north of Spain to specialize in the drifter modality or when he returned to pack his bags for Ireland.

Other participants in this event who also know very well what it means to row against the current are the members of Malaga Dragon Boat BCS. The women from Malaga of this sports association suffer or have suffered from breast cancer and make rowing their therapysince numerous medical studies ensure that exercising regularly, in a team, outdoors and in contact with the sea contributes to the increase of muscular strength, improves physical condition and has an impact on general well-being for the prevention and improvement of Lymphedema, sequel of breast cancer.

The meeting, for which the District Board 2 – Málaga Este has collaborated logistically, will take place in an incomparable setting: the chambao that the Pedregalejo Rowing Club has in the middle of the sand in this maritime center of Malaga, the eighth neighborhood that hosts a meeting of ‘Sport goes through neighborhoods’ from its origin. The ‘Sharks’, as the members of the club are known, are one of the most traditional rowing entities in the province, since it was founded in 1998 and celebrates its quarter century this year. This weekend the starting signal for the XI Jábegas Provincial League was given from there.

‘Rowing against the current’ will be the second of the meetings of the second edition of ‘Sport goes through neighborhoods’ with sport as the common thread and in which six different neighborhoods will reflect on issues such as illiteracy, childhood cancer and mental problemsamong others.


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