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Adrián Miramón: “It’s maddening to know that I won’t be able to eat this when I finish my degree”

The athlete from Malaga, five times world champion in sea rowing, Adrián Miramón and the journalist from the Association of Sports Journalists of Malaga, Jose Moreno, have been the protagonists of the second talk on ‘Sports goes through neighborhoods’, a social and sports project organized for the second consecutive year by the APDM and with the collaboration of the “la Caixa” Foundation through CaixaBank. Sea rowing, a water sport that Miramón dominates, has been the focus of the talk entitled “Rowing against the current” and has been developed in the rowing room of the Pedregalejo Rowing Club.

The event was also attended by numerous members of participating and collaborating institutions such as Gerardo Cuarterocommercial director of CaixaBank in South Eastern Andalusia; Leopoldo Tapia, president of the Pedregalo Rowing Club; and even Francisco Martin Aguilaradvisor to Málaga CF, who did not want to miss the appointment.

During the first questions launched by Jose Moreno, Miramón commented that he has learned a lot from his stay in the Basque Country and believes that they are an example, in the defense of their cultural and sports traditions. “If someone goes on vacation to the north and there is a regatta for drifters, you have to go, the La Concha Regatta leaves you speechless, the port is full of people. The Basques, who are a bit exaggerated, say that more people go there than a Madrid-Barça game”.

Regarding his day-to-day life and future prospects, Adrián feels angry because “when I finish my career as a rower, I won’t be able to eat this. I’m not asking for what they have given Cristiano Ronaldo, but a little more support would be good”.

And between issue and issue, there was room for surprises. Violeta, Adrián’s sister, was curiously the one who introduced him to rowing and was in the audience without her brother’s knowledge. “It is not because he is my brother, but he is very good at sports, he is very stubborn, he sacrifices and gives everything. He is reaping the fruits of his effort and courage, there is a lot of time behind him and it is not easy because he is alone, ”she commented, looking at his brother with admiration.

When telling his routine, Adrián Miramón stressed that people are very surprised when he tells them that he does not rest. “I don’t stop, at most a week or a couple of weeks a year. Meanwhile, I train twice a day. The only thing is that every beginning of the year I always like to loosen the rope a bit, especially on a mental level”.

rowing against cancer

In addition to Adrián Miramón and Jose Moreno, Other great protagonists of the meeting were the members of Málaga Dragon Boat, women who row with a great story of overcoming. All of them suffer from or have suffered from breast cancer and thanks to this team sport and outdoors in the sea they achieve a huge improvement in their daily lives. “We are neither princesses nor warriors, life gives us a stick and you have to move on. We still go through revisions, we have colleagues who have relapsed and being all together makes us support each other and experience it in a different way. And team sport improves the physical consequences, but also the pools, we share a lot of things, we laugh a lot”, remarked some of the Málaga Dragon Boat.

Image of the talk between Adrián Miramón and the journalist Jose Moreno. Marco Barranquero

Regarding his future, Miramón remains hopeful that his specialty will become an Olympic sport. and he doesn’t think much about his life after the competition. “My thought would be to train a selection, but in the end one is known.”

At the end of the event, the APDM delivered a commemorative detail of the day to Adrián Miramón, a metallic jábega that his own nephews gave him, as well as a Pedregalejo Rowing Club shirt granted by the entity.

The closing featured several moments of great emotion. First of all, all attendees received the text of the Dragon Boat hymn, “Dragonas para siempre” by Miguel Ángel Urquiza, sung by the members of the club. And taking advantage of Adrián Miramón’s recent birthday and that this year marks the 25th anniversary of the club, everyone sang “happy birthday” to him and blew out the candles on two personalized palm trees with photos of Miramón and the Pedregalejo Rowing Club. The finishing touch was put by Miramón and some Málaga Dragon Boat who did not hesitate to take a llaut out of the sand to row for a few minutes off the shore of Pedregalejo.


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