Thursday, June 8, 2023

Adobe will embrace generative AI in its audio and video editing tools

Artificial intelligence is the topic of the moment. However, there are companies that have embraced its benefits for years. Adobe, for example, has launched various AI solutions to enhance its extensive catalog of tools, and from time to time they redouble their efforts in this regard. The latest news from the company will make content creators very happy.

At NAB 2023, Adobe announced that its audio and video tools will integrate Adobe Firefly, a generative artificial intelligence. Yes, similar to the one that powers tools like Midjourney.

Basically, Adobe wants creatives to give instructions to the app through a text field. In this way, they expect streamline the workflow of professionals. Instead of accessing and combining the use of different functions, a simple phrase could solve everything in a matter of seconds.

“We are entering a new era where generative AI will enable a natural conversation between the creator and the computer, where writing your own words and simple gestures will be combined with the best of app workflows. creative professionals to make a new creative expression possible.”


It is worth mentioning that Adobe Firefly, for the moment, works independently from the following link. It is still in beta phase and the intention of the Californian company is to integrate it into Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and other applications.

Undoubtedly, the biggest beneficiary of Adobe Firefly’s potential will be Premiere Pro. Why? The company is making efforts to make it possible, for example, generate audio tracks for your videos or make specific edits. In a material shared through your website, you can see how the time of the scene changes or the brightness on the faces increases. Both of these tasks, in a typical workflow, could take days to complete, but the AI ​​does it in seconds.

“With Firefly as your creative co-pilot, you can supercharge your exploration and ideation processes and reduce post-production time from days to minutes. And with generative AI integrated directly into your workflows, these powerful new capabilities are at your fingertips. Imagine the power to instantly change a video’s time of day, automatically annotate and locate a relevant b-roll, or create unlimited clip variations, all taking your creativity as a starting point.”


Yes, it is very surprising. However, it is a technology that is still in the development process. Adobe aims to release the first generative AI features in its apps by the end of this year. The first ones that you can take advantage of are the following:

  • Color text improvements.
  • Advanced music and sound effects.
  • Stunning fonts, text effects, graphics and logos.
  • Powerful script and B-roll features.
  • Creative assistants and co-pilots (personalized guides based on your needs).

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