Friday, September 29, 2023

Adobe Premiere Pro can now automatically remove background noise from your videos, thanks to AI

Adobe continues to integrate new artificial intelligence features into its products, and this time it was the turn of Premiere Pro. Video editing software now has very interesting tools that promise to automate certain tasks to not only improve the quality of the available material, but also to save time for content creators.

One of the most interesting new features coming to Adobe Premiere Pro is Enhance Speech. It is responsible for optimizing the audio of a video when it is not of good quality. According to the company, AI can make sound look like it was recorded in a professional studio, even if its original quality is not the best.

One of the most striking points of this new tool is that automatically detects and eliminates background noise. This is very interesting, although it must also be taken into account that such a drastic measure can be counterproductive. Especially when it comes to videos with dialogue, since voices can be negatively affected.

It is because of that Enhance Speech will allow Adobe Premiere Pro users Choose how much background noise you want to add or keep in your video. This can be controlled through a new mixer that is built into the app.

Adobe Premiere Pro Takes Advantage of New AI-Based Features

The option to automatically remove background noise from a video is not the only one that comes to Adobe Premiere Pro. The developers have implemented other very interesting features that also take advantage of artificial intelligence to optimize the workflow.

For example, the text-based editing tool has been improved. From now on, it is possible to mark certain words that people often use as filler or catchphrase —the “ehhh” or “umm”, for example—, so that it detects them automatically. But he does not stop there, since, in addition to identifying them, he automatically eliminates them from both the transcription and the dialogue itself. And he does the same with unnecessary pauses.

Another interesting element that is incorporated into Adobe Premiere Pro is a function that automatically tags audio categories. Thus, using artificial intelligence, the video editor is able to automatically identify and mark which material includes music, dialogue or sound effects, among others.

Of course, these are not the only improvements coming to Adobe Premiere Pro. The software is also receiving optimizations in its general operation, with new templates and a faster timeline, among others. However, it is not all good news.

All of these features are not yet available to the general public, but for those who use the Adobe Premiere Pro beta. So we will have to wait a while longer – possibly a few months – to see them applied in the stable version of the software. If you can’t wait to try them out, you can install the public beta through Creative Cloud.

To do this, you must enter the Creative Cloud desktop app, go to the menu Apps and select Beta Apps. Once there, you can install the development version you prefer—Adobe Premiere Pro, in this case—and that’s it. Please note that you can continue using the final version at any time, even if you have the beta installed.

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