Monday, January 30, 2023

Actor of Netflix’s popular series accused of sexual abuse, users said – get out of the show

Discussions of Netflix’s popular series ‘Wednesday’ are still happening. Hollywood actress Jenna Ortega created a worldwide stir by playing the role of Wednesday Adams in this series. Jena’s work was well received. His performance and dance were also highly praised. With this, he got recognition as a global star. However, now the demand to remove an actor from the series ‘Wednesday’ is rising on social media.

Rape allegations against the actor

This demand is being raised regarding actor Percy Hynes White, who plays Xavier in ‘Wednesday’. Percy played one of the love interests of lead heroine Wednesday Addams in the show. It is now reported that 21-year-old Percy Hynes White has been accused of sexual abuse by women from his high school. Women have shared their experiences through social media.

According to the report of MSN, a user on Twitter has made big allegations against the actor and his friends while stating his incident. According to the user, ‘Percy Hynes White and his friends especially used to call women who they found hot so that they could drug them and have sex with them.’

The woman told her tragedy

After the young woman came forward with her experience, many more women came forward and shared their story with the world. The women alleged that the actor had continued these acts even when he was 17 years and above. Percy is accused of sexually abusing women, abusing women and abusing them on the basis of colour. Not only this, some allege that the actor had sent her nude photos online without her consent.

Now the accusing women say that Percy Hynes White should be removed from the hit series ‘Wednesday’. In such a situation, social media users are also supporting the woman. Users say that Percy is a ridiculous person. A video of Percy with actress Jenna Ortega is going viral. Users say that earlier they were considering the fun of both as cute, but now after knowing the truth of the actor, they are disgusted to see the actress like this.

Percy is silent on the allegations

Percy Hynes White has not given any official statement regarding these big allegations against him. Till now no complaint has been registered against him in the police. In such a situation, no action is being taken against the actor. At present, Percy has closed the comment section on his social media account.

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