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Actor Aditya Singh Rajput’s friend Subuhi Joshi claims, ‘My friend died after falling in the bathroom, not because of drugs’

After the death of Aditya Singh Rajput, all kinds of news ran in the media. Some told about his drug overdose, while some told that he died in the hospital. When Aditya’s best friend Subuhi Joshi tried to know the truth behind his death from Aaj Tak, she was very angry. Actually he told that he saw all the news late night and the way he is talking about drug overdose in the news is wrong.

Where did the news of drug overdose come from

Subuhi Joshi says, I do not understand how people can be so insensitive. When I was reading the news of drug overdose, I got very angry at the media as well as some of his friends who have spread all these lies. I was so busy since yesterday that I did not get a chance to clarify. Just imagine what his mother must have gone through after hearing such bad news. Firstly, he has lost his son and on top of that, this kind of defamation is happening. To be honest, my friend’s death has been staged.

What happened…

Talking about the details of the incident, Subuhi Joshi says, on the day of his death, I had a conversation with Aditya at around 11:30 in the morning. We used to talk on the phone 10 times a day. It didn’t seem anywhere from the talks that he was sad or there would be some problem. Well, I was told by her house help that she had acidity problem in the morning. He had also taken medicine. In the afternoon, I got a call from a common friend that Aditya had fallen in the bathroom. My house is about 3 minutes away from his house, so when I reached there running, his body was there on the bed. There were injury marks on his head. Househelp said that when Aditya went to the washroom, he slipped and fell there, the sound was so loud that the househelp came running to him. He tried to lift Aditya but he was unable to, so he ran down and called the guards. Meanwhile, with the help of guards and house help, he was made to lie on the bed. Where Aditya had fallen, there were also marks of cracks on the tiles.

were not taken to the hospital

Describing the news of being taken to the hospital, Subuhi Joshi also says that the news that Aditya was taken to the hospital is also wrong. Actually, the doctor was called in haste under Aditya’s building. He did an ECG test and told that he had lost his life while falling in the bathroom. The doctor immediately called us to the police and on my call the police came. They have interrogated everyone and then brought Aditya’s body to the hospital for further formalities. The postmortem is to be held in the morning. I would like to say that before spreading the false news of drug overdose, they should have waited for the postmortem. When the reports will come, all the milk of milk will turn into water. But who will compensate for the damage to his image.

Called mother and asked her to come to Mumbai.

Subhi says, the toughest task for me was to call her family members and inform them about her death. I didn’t know what to tell his mother. She was continuously calling on Aditya’s phone, I could only pick up the phone and tell her that Aunty, come to Mumbai, Aditya is in the hospital. However, when the news started running on the media, they came to know everything. Her courage has to be acknowledged that she is coming here after traveling alone from Delhi. There is no father in Aditya’s family, only mother and sister. She has reached Mumbai late night.

Aditya was doing boys party

Subohi says, I am usually present in all the parties of Aditya, but last night he was having a boys party with his three friends. During the party, I also talked to Aditya on video call. Those people were enjoying. After the late night party all the friends returned home and Aditya was asleep. When he woke up in the morning, he had a problem with ACDT. This was not the first time, he always used to complain about it. The police have also questioned these friends present in the party.


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