Monday, September 25, 2023

Activity continues in Merapi volcano

Volcanic activity continues in Merapi volcano in Indonesia’s Central Java region.

Indonesia Volcanology and Geological Disaster Prevention Center (CVGDM) announced that Merapi volcano, which started operating again on March 11, spewed ash 54 times in the 24 hours after March 11. Authorities had previously announced that there was no dangerous situation and that they could continue with their daily lives carefully. It was emphasized that the warnings in question are currently valid and that there is no situation requiring evacuation.

353 PEOPLE DID IN THE EXPLOSION 13 YEARS AGO. An explosion occurred on November 30, 13 years ago, on the Merapi volcano. As a result of the explosion, 353 people died due to lava and ash from the volcano. 350 thousand people were evacuated from the region.

Indonesia has 147 volcanoes. 76 of these volcanoes are active.


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