Thursday, November 30, 2023

Acosta: “World champion! Sounds great, doesn’t it?”

Pedro Acosta19 years old, the boy who has achieved, in 30 months, what no rider has ever achieved before, two world titles and being hired by a brand (KTM) of the MotoGP World Championship to race next season among the kings, has remained whole before the microphone of Izaskun Ruiz, from DAZN, after leaving the podium. “I promised my team that they wouldn’t see me cry and I’m getting it, although I think that, in Valencia, when I leave them, when I say goodbye to them, I’m sure I’ll shed a lot of tears.” And, yes, at the end of the conversation, he was on the verge, just on the verge, of crying.

It all started with a “Pedro Acosta, world champion! Sounds great, doesn’t it?” “The truth is that I am very happy, for myself, of course, for my career, for making history, for giving Murcia and Spain another world title, but, above all, for my family and my team, who have been the ones who They have managed to get me here. Last year I had a very bad time, a lot, I didn’t know what was happening to me, I didn’t know why I didn’t win. What’s more, I often thought, damn, how good the team is and how bad I am. And they has been the ones that have brought me here, yes.”

Many changes

Well, the team, the family and the hard work. “Yes, of course, also, I haven’t stopped going to training, not even a single day! The truth is that in the Moto3 year, everything worked out the first time, I won four races out of six or something like that, without realizing it. Everything came easily, but last year was, I insist, very, very hard. I was frustrated. It is also true that some problems outside the World Cup and the change of coach, Adrián Cases, affected me somewhat, but we have overcome everything together, which is the beautiful thing.”

“Last year, when nothing was going for me, when I thought how good the team is and how bad I am, I learned a lot, everything. That bad year taught me how to be a champion”

Pedro Acosta

“The truth is that this year, also by reading everything that happened last year, I have learned, which is very important!, that when you can’t win, the podium, being fourth or fifth, is also very good” , continued explaining the ‘Mazarrón shark’. “I got very angry with Argentina’s 12th place, ugh!, and that day Remy (Gardner, his close friend) gave me a fight that made his veins heat up and my ass was tight. Well, these are moments to continue learning and, in the end, everything turned out well.

“The reading to be a champion is always the same: calm, regularity, team, family, winning when you can win and score, score a lot of points,” the Murcian driver continued. “It sounds tremendous, as the journalists keep telling me, to be in that gallery, group, of legendary drivers who have achieved records and things since my early age, like Valentino Rossi, like Dani Pedrosa, as Marc MárquezI don’t know, it’s a dream. How good, how well everything has turned out: 7 victories, so far, there is still Qatar and Valencia, and 14 podiums in 18 races, super, super good. Happy very happy”.


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