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Acosta wins clearly and is more leader of the World Cup

The Spanish Pedro “Tiburón” Acosta (Kalex) has added his fifth victory of the season, in an unappealable way, by winning the San Marino Moto2 Grand Prix on the circuit “Marco Simoncelli” of Misano Adriatico, thereby extending his lead in the provisional world championship.

Acosta led the intermediate category test from the first to the last lap and with absolute sufficiency, despite the Italian’s initial efforts Celestino Vietti (Kalex) and Spanish Aron Canet (Kalex) for preventing it.

Along with Pedro Acosta, Celestino Vietti and the Spaniard got on the podium in San Marino Alonso Lopez (Boscoscuro), who inherited third place after the fall of Arón Canet in the eighth lap.

López had not been on the podium since the race in France, on the circuit of Le Mans, where he was also third.

The “Shark” of Puerto de Mazarrón is now more of a leader, with 211 points, for Arbolino’s 177. The Spaniard arrived with a 22-point advantage and leaves for India with 34 points.

The Spanish Albert Arenas (Kalex) was dropped before starting the Moto2 test when he was declared “unfit”, after the fall in which he dislocated his left shoulder, from which he hopes to be able to recover for the next round of the championship, in the new Buddh circuit of India in a fortnight.

Acosta had a brilliant start in which he beat the author of the pole position, the Italian Celestino Vietti (Kalex) and also his compatriot Manuel Gonzalez (Kalex), who managed to stay even at the front almost until the curve at the end of the straight, where the “Tiburón” from Puerto de Mazarrón won the game for both of them.

The initial lap was frenetic and in the same “Manugas” González could not withstand the initial push of his rivals and was overwhelmed by both Aron Canet (Kalex), Alonso López (Boscoscuro) and the Czech Filip Salac (Kalex), while the Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex), second in the championship fight, recovered a position, from ninth in the starting formation to eighth in that first lap.

The situation was now more “tempered” after the traffic light went out, Pedro Acosta set the fastest lap of the race and began to break up the race, with a very stretched main group in which “Manugas” González recovered a position by overtaking Salac, as did Arbolino, who moved to seventh place after surpassing the British Sam Lowes (Kalex).

The pace was so fast that in the third lap, both Acosta, Vietti and Canet, marked paths fast race lapsvery close to the absolute record held by Augusto Fernández at 1:36.182 since 2021.

The Italian Arbolino also seemed slowly pick up the pace and, after overtaking Sam Lowes, he did the same with Filip Salac to pass sixth in the fourth lap, although already more than two seconds behind the leader of the race and the championship, his main rival for the title, Pedro Acosta.

With a firm step and without making mistakes, “Tiburón” Acosta seemed to gradually distance himself from both Vietti and Canet and this was confirmed with a new fast lap in the sixth lap of the Murcian, who lapped in 1:36.245 and left the chasing group headed by Alonso López at more than two seconds.

In the seventh lap the leading group was already clearly made up of three drivers, Pedro Acosta, Celestino Vietti and Arón Canet, with more than two seconds of advantage over a second group of five pilots composed of Alonso López, “Manugas” González, Tony Arbolino, Filip Salac and Sam Lowes.

From behind, the debutant Sergio García Dols (Kalex), who started twenty-second, was fourteenth on lap eight, within the points and in the same lap in which Arón Canet crashed when he was third, without having the option of being able to continue as he did not start his motorcycle.

Like Arón Canet, another of the protagonists of the category, the British Jake Dixon (Kalex), was not lucky and rolled away from the front of the race, thirteenth, without showing any signs of having a good pace.

The pace of Acosta and Vietti led them to establish a new fast lap and new record in the ninth lap, first the Spanish and then the Italian, with 1:36.173.

At that time Tony Arbolino, Acosta’s most direct rival, was fifth, after taking A good fright which almost caused him to fall in turn six.

Like Arbolino, Celestino Vietti also had a good scare on lap thirteen, in turn one, although he barely gave up a couple of tenths in his fight with “Tiburón” Acosta.

The Spanish Fermin Aldeguer (Boscoscuro), who was fifteenth, crashed on that same lap, in turn two, leaving him unheard of in the second round on Italian soil, as did the British Sam Lowes (Kalex) shortly after, who was in sixth position. .

The race had no more history, because with each lap that passed, the positions at the head of the race were consolidated, with Pedro Acosta as the solid leader, followed by Celestino Vietti in a solitary second place and Alonso López fighting for the third place. podium with the Italian Tony Arbolino, who in the last laps began to reveal numerous performance problems with its tires.

The Japanese Ai Ogura and the thai Somkiat Chantra They gave a good account of “Manugas” González in the final laps to relegate him to seventh position, with Sergio García Dols (Kalex), eleventh, ahead of Jake Dixon, Marcos Ramirez (Kalex), fourteenth, Jeremy Alcoba (Kalex), sixteenth and Borja Gómez (Kalex) in eighteenth position.

In the last lap the German Lukas Tulovic (Kalex), beat the Moto3 world champion in 2022, the Spaniard Izan Guevara (Kalex).


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