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Acosta adds his seventh victory and could be champion in Australia

The Spanish Pedro ‘Tiburón’ Acosta (Kalex) added his seventh victory of the season, unquestionably and alone, in the Indonesian Moto2 Grand Prix that was held at the Mandalika circuit, which allows him to escape in the provisional classification of the world cup.

Acosta now has 277 points, being sixth his most direct rival in the championship, the Italian Tony Arbolino (Kalex), which is now 65 points away, which gives the Spaniard the opportunity to have the title ball in the next Australian Grand Prix.

The World Cup leader headed an entirely Spanish podium, since on both sides of the box He was accompanied by Arón Canet (Kalex), author of the pole position, and Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro)with Manuel ‘Manugas’ González (Kalex) fifth, overtaken on the last lap after making a mistake in the last corners by the British Jake Dixon (Kalex).

At the start there was the first head-to-head between the Spaniardss Arón canet (Kalex) and Pedro Acosta (Kalex) for leading the race from the first corner, where the Moto2 test was already left without two protagonists, the Italian Alberto Surra (Kalex) and the Spanish Alonso López (Boscoscuro), which was investigated by Career Management.

The Madrid rider was able to restart the bike and returned to the race in the last position, but after several laps he had to go into his workshop to repair some mechanical element and thus return to the track to try to finish it.

The initial lap was dominated by Canetfollowed by Acosta, who overtook him at the beginning of the second, although the Valencian quickly recovered the first position, followed by both Manuel González (Kalex), Tony Arbolino (Kalex), Somkiat Chantra (Kalex), Fermín Aldeguer (Boscoscuro), Jake Dixon (Kalex), Sergio García Dols (Kalex), Joe Roberts (Kalex) and Zonta Van der Goobergh (Kalex).

The Spanish Jeremy Alcoba (Kalex) was sanctioned with a double long lap of a penalty for irresponsible driving, as he was the culprit of the fall in which López and Surra were involved.

Like Alcoba, the Japanese Ai Ogura (Kalex) was penalized with a long lap for touching and ending up throwing the Czech Filip Salac (Kalex).

In the third lap Acosta had already consolidated the first position chased by Arón Canet, author of the pole position, who I tried not to lose contact with the Murcian pilot from Puerto de Mazarrón when he pulled hard to try to break the race.

The pace set by Acosta could only be maintained by Canet and both were left alone at the head of the race, with a chasing quartet that included Tony Arbolino, Fermín Aldeguer, Manuel González and Jake Dixon, who lavished themselves with constant blows to the rival to recover the position.

With the track’s fastest lap record on several occasions, The ‘Shark’ of Puerto de Mazarrón tried to distance himself from everyone, although Arón Canet held onnot without certain difficulties, in the wake of the world championship leader, until after the halfway point of the race the world championship leader “tightened” a little and Canet had to throw in the towel to focus on defending second place.

Pedro Acosta’s performance was unappealable and with some fastest lap record he definitively distanced himself from Arón Canet on the way to his seventh victory of the season, ahead of two other Spaniards, Arón Canet and Fermín Aldeguer.

Behind them, fourth place went to Jake Dixon, who surpassed the Spaniard, Manuel González, with the Italian Tony Arbolino sixth, ahead of the Thai Somkiat Chantra, Sergio García Dols, Joe Roberts and Sam Lowes, who took the top ten positions.

Albert Arenas (Kalex) finished in fifteenth position, with Marcos Ramírez (Kalex), sixteenth, Alex Escrig (Kalex), eighteenth, Jeremy Alcoba twentieth, ahead of Izan Guevara (Kalex) and with Alonso López closing the classification, twenty-fifth.


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