Friday, December 8, 2023

Accused of racism, Mbongeni Mbonambi starts for the final! “Case closed” for World Rugby

A big sigh of relief for South Africa. Accused of having made racist remarks against the English player Tom Curry during the semi-final of the Rugby World Cup this Saturday, October 21, the pillar of South Africa Mbongeni Mbonambi was “innocent” for the moment by World Rugby after an in-depth investigation by the body which took the Englishman’s accusations very seriously.

“After reviewing all available evidence, including match footage, audio recordings and testimonies from both teams, the governing body has judged that there is insufficient evidence at this time to charge prosecution. Therefore, the matter is considered closed unless additional evidence is uncovered. World Rugby further acknowledges that Tom Curry made the allegations in good faith and that there is no suggestion that these allegations are deliberately false or malicious” explained the press release published on October 26.

Unsurprisingly, South Africa, who revealed their line-up for the final against New Zealand and established their hooker who is the nerve center of the Springboks’ first line.


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