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ACAP announces winners of Competitive Funds for sustainable development

The Cibao Association of Savings and Loans (ACAP) announced the winners of the sixth call for the “José Santiago Reinoso Lora Contestable Funds for Sustainable Development” 2022-2023, who will receive a total contribution of RD$12 million.

With this delivery, the financial institution adds a transfer of RD$ 51 million to Non-Profit Associations (ASFL), which design, present and develop projects of isocial, economic and environmental impact in favor of the communities of the country.

José Luis Ventura, executive president of ACAP, expressed that for the financial entity it is of the utmost importance to support the development of communities through the associations that participate in each edition.

“This is the moment to recognize the organizations that from their spaces have focused on combining executable ideas in favor of the communities, to bring articulated solutions and quality of life to places where sometimes we cannot reach,” said Ventura.

From the first installment in 2016 to the 2022-2023 edition, 45 initiatives have been financed that stand out for their innovation and motivation to serve the community.

In this version of the Competitive Funds, 31 proposals of an environmental nature, 23 projects with an economic theme and 139 initiatives of a social nature were received, which together add up to 193 unique projects submitted by the 183 ASFLs that participated.

Winning projects

For this sixth edition, they were winners in the Environmental category the projects: “Genetic safeguarding of endemic and endangered plants, especially in the Cibao region” presented by the Council of the Botanical Garden of Santiago with an endowment of RD$1,900,000; also the initiative “My school is beautiful, strengthening of environmental, social and cultural values, in the municipalities of Santo Domingo Este and Oeste; and Hato del Yaque, Santiago”, of the Fe y Alegría Foundation with an amount of RD$ 700,000 and “Welcome Red-Ecocapacity building and environmental awareness, through educational spaces about the 3R culture in the communities of Batey Bienvenido and Hato Nuevo, in Santo Domingo Oeste”, of the La Merced Foundation with a sum of RD$ 1,400,000.

In the Economy category The winning projects were: “Closed production systems with water recirculation, for tilapia farming; Pedro García, Santiago”, presented by the Association for the Development of Pedro García, Inc. (ADPG) and the initiative “Empowerment and Development of capacities Artisans from the Enriquillo Region, southwest of the Dominican Republic”, prepared by the Pastoral Social Carita Barahona with an amount of RD$ 1,500,000 each.

In the social category, The projects were elected: “Steam for all at the Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro Scientific High School, Villa Tapia, Hermanas Mirabal province” of the Scientific Lyceum Foundation, with the sum of RD$ 1,500,000; the project “Strengthening the reading and math skills of boys and girls in basic education in vulnerable sectors of Capotillo, Santo Domingo”, of the Save the Children International Foundation with RD$1,000,000; the proposal “Financially self-sufficient women in Santo Domingo East” developed by SOS Dominican Children’s Villages and “Creation of recruitment and selection centers for people with disabilities in Santo Domingo” from the Gisell Eusebio Life Transformer Inc. Foundation, with RD$1,000,000 and RD $1,500,000, respectively.

Alba Rodríguez, executive president of Save the Children, thanked ACAP on behalf of the other winning ASFLs, for having chosen them as winners of this call and for carrying out a marked social, economic and environmental commitment.

The funds from ACAP’s main social investment program, which was recently named in honor of the former president of its Board of Directors, José Santiago Reinoso Lora, will be delivered starting in June 2023.


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