Sunday, May 28, 2023

Abinader urges the creation of a card for students to travel for free

During the inauguration of Line 2 of the Santo Domingo Cable Car Los Alcarrizosthe President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, He showed his commitment to the transformation of urban mobility, not only in Los Alcarrizos, but throughout the country.

In this sense, he urged the director of the Office of Special Projects for Urban and Interurban Mobility, and of the Mass Transportation Trust (FITRAM), Jhael Isa, to create a card for students in the area to travel for free on the new transportation system.

The president also took the opportunity to announce new works. “Not only are we doing this work of six million pesos, the beltway of The Alcarrizosas they call it,” he said, while adding that “today we have this innovative urban transportation system.”

Abinader, during his speech, expressed “if we see projects by projects, we are making the greatest transformation of transportation in this country.” He highlighted the recently inaugurated cable car and the one that will soon be in Santiago, in addition to metro line 2C that will be ready in 2024.

“Today a dream of which I am proud is fulfilled. It is not about a promise, it is my commitment to the quality of life of the people, ”she said.

He concluded by indicating that he will instruct so that the RD$35 rate that the new mode of transportation has, and that includes buses, be extended to the entire system.


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