Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Abdu Rozik had a craving for chocolate, failed to open the box, then angrily picked up the lamp

In the house of Bigg Boss where fighting, quarrels, tanakashi, chillam chilli is going on between every contestant. On the other hand, there are cute acts of Abdu as well, which are increasing day by day. Recently Shiv has become the new captain of the house. Now when the friend has become the captain, then it is bound to take some advantage. But Abdu is unable to get the benefit of Shiva becoming the captain, so he has made up his mind to steal. But of what, let us tell you.

Abdu desperate to eat chocolate
Abdu Rojik is one of the cutest member of the house. He is the only contestant who is happy with himself and entertains people. His antics are being liked by the fans so much that the list of followers is getting longer. Abdu is now having a craving for chocolate. But the chocolates are locked in a box in the Captain’s room. There is also a lock on that box. Then how can Abdu eat chocolate?

But he is also Abdu, he is trying his best to steal her by doing one way or another. Abdu brings a hair pin, tries to open the lock on the box. But remain unsuccessful. Abdu again tries to find the key. They try to persuade Shiva and Stan to get the key, but they are not successful even there. But Abdu has not given up, he tries to push his tiny hands from the side of the box to eat the chocolate. But even this is not possible.

Neither by persuading Shiva, nor by trying a hair pin, whenever Abdu is unable to get the chocolate, he repents and starts trying to break the lamp kept there. But…but…but they don’t do that. Now how will he take out the frustration of not getting chocolate! But it will be interesting to see whether Abdu gets the chocolate or not.


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