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‘Abandoned the film in the middle, refused to return the money’, producer accused Sunny Deol of cheating, said – he has a lot of ego

Sunny Deol is one of the veteran actors of Bollywood. Sunny has earned both the love and respect of fans by giving many hit films in her career. But film producer Sunil Darshan has made serious allegations against Sunny Deol during an interview. He said that Sunny Deol has cheated with him.

Producer accuses Sunny Deol of cheating

Producer Sunil Darshan while talking about Sunny Deol in his latest interview said that Sunny has cheated him and has a lot of ego. Talking to Bollywood Hungama, the producer accused Sunny and said – Sunny Deol has too much ego. Even after 26 years, I am still at loggerheads with him. Earlier they had promised to return my money. But then later he said that he has no money, so I should do a film with him.

Sunil Darshan further told- This matter was placed before a retired Chief Justice of India. Sunny had said at that time that he does not have money to return my money, so he will do a film for me. I was also working with his brother Bobby Deol. I did three films back-to-back with him. I didn’t have any issues with him. I thought that anyone can improve by making a mistake. But he fooled me. Sunny cheated on me.

Producer said – Sunny’s intention was wrong

Accusing the actor, the producer also said that Sunny Deol first talked about doing the film, but later he kept postponing the film’s dates and in this way the time mentioned in the contract passed. When his lawyer sent a notice to Sunny, Sunny Deol’s legal team said that the actor has not yet approved the dialogues of the film. Talking about this, the producer said – I did not have to get the dialogues approved from him. Has any actor ever approved dialogues? His intention was wrong. A lot of money and time was invested in the film.

This fight between producer Sunil Darshan and Sunny Deol is going on from the year 1996 till now. In 1996, when Sunny Deol’s film Ajay directed by Sunil Darshan was released. The filmmaker alleged that Sunny had left his film unfinished and refused to shoot the last one. Sunil Darshan claimed that he had released the film without ending it. The film did well, but the legal battle between the two started.

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