Friday, September 22, 2023

Abancord announces congress under the motto “Comprehensive risk management: challenges and lessons learned”

The Association of Savings and Credit Banks and Credit Corporations (Abancord) announced its IX Annual Congress under the slogan “Comprehensive risk management: Challenges and lessons learned”, in which it will have the participation of authorities from the financial sectoras well as national and international experts.

The celebration of these annual Congresses constitutes the main high-level training event of Abancord, as an essential part of the commitment assumed by the union to contribute to the strengthening of the subsector and the country, aimed at the directors and senior management of the entities of the Finance system.

“We understand that it is a high priority issue, in a constantly changing environment like the current one, for the members of the boards of directors and senior executives of the entities of the financial system, it is necessary to discuss a global management framework that covers transversally its main risks, both inherent and emerging”, expressed Cristina De Castro, executive president of the union, through a statement addressed to the media.

Considering the entry of new players and products into the financial ecosystem, with technology-intensive business models, the congress considers a thorough understanding of the new technological risks and of cybersecurity.

Likewise, taking into account the new opportunities that this market presents, these important topics will be discussed in a panel in which CEOS of the fintech most representative of the country and other specialists in the field.

De Castro also shared that in order to open and close the Congress with a flourish, the participation of the Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández W., who will begin with some opening remarks, and the Governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez, have been confirmed. Albizu, who will be in charge of closing this meeting.

The activity will take place next Tuesday, September 5, 2023, in a mixed mode, from the spaces of the Hotel Real Intercontinental in Santo Domingo.


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