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Aarya 3 Review: ‘Arya’ roared as mafia queen, Sushmita Sen’s powerful acting, but where was the mistake?

During the lockdown in 2020, many great web series on OTT platform entertained the audience. During this time, Sushmita Sen also made her OTT debut with ‘Arya’. It was good to see the actress on screen after years. The story of the series was impressive, its acting was even more impressive. Therefore, the second season of the web show came in December 2021. The amazing thing is that the second season also got as much love as the first. Now the third season of ‘Arya’ has also arrived on 3rd November. Before watching the series, let us know what its story is.

Arya is back
The story of the third season of ‘Arya’ started from where its second season ended. Arya (Sushmita Sen) has become a lady don from an ordinary woman. A don who wants to give a better life to her children by doing drug business. Arya has now become more powerful than before. She is not only running the business well, but also knows how to deal with people doing illegal business.

Arya had just started moving forward when a person named Suraj (Indranil Sengupta) enters her life. Suraj has come to India to avenge the murder of his wife Nandini. Suraj is using everything to destroy Arya, including Sama, Daam, Dand-Bheed. Suraj is haunted by the ghost of killing Arya. Will Suraj be able to take revenge from Arya for his wife’s death or will Arya hunt Suraj like a lioness. To know this you will have to watch Arya.

How is the story?
‘Arya’ is one of the best series of OTT. There was a suspense in the story of both its seasons. Want to know what Arya will do now. There was a story line. But to be honest, all this is missing in the third season. In the second season, we saw that Arya had started roaring like a lioness. By eliminating big dons and powerful people, she proved that when a woman comes into her own, she can do anything.

Arya 2 showed the changing life of Arya, there was no need to move ahead from where the story ended. Meaning, I don’t understand why the story is being dragged forcibly. There is no suspense in the third part of the web show. It seems that the idea of ​​making a web series came just in the spare time, so Arya 3 was made.

What new did you see?
Apart from Sushmita Sen, Sikandar Kher, Indranil Sengupta and Ila Arun have entered the show this season. Like both the seasons, in Arya 3 too, Sushmita was seen winning hearts with her strong acting. Sikandar Kher has also done a good job in the role of Daulat. Vikas Kumar as ACP Khan was also seen doing justice to his role. There was a twist in the story with the arrival of Indranil.

Where is the mistake?
See, it is true that the story of Arya 3 has no substance. But the series was very weak in direction. Many action scenes look quite fake. Meaning there is a shower of bullets. People are dying one by one, but meanwhile superwoman Arya is saved. Does this happen anywhere? Even if it happens, at least show it on screen properly. Apart from this, the dialogues of the series appear quite weak.

Why watch the series?
If you watched the first two seasons, you can watch Arya 3. Even if you haven’t seen it, the story of both the seasons is shown at the beginning of the season. This will make it easier for you to understand what the story was. The biggest reason for watching the series is Sushmita Sen. If you are his fan, then you should not miss the web show. The rest is a different matter that an attempt has been made to drag the series forcefully.

4 episodes of Arya 3 have been released so far. You will have to wait to see the remaining episodes.


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