Monday, September 25, 2023

A user assures that his Samsung Galaxy Watch has burned his wrist

One of Samsung’s smart watches (commonly known as Galaxy Watch) gets so hot that it has caused a small burn on the wrist of a user who was wearing it while sleeping, as confirmed by the person himself through a post on Reddit.

In the post, the Internet user shows two images that demonstrate the incident with the smarwatch of the South Korean firm. The first image shows the model of the watch, a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 announced in 2019. In the second, the burn areawhich matches the location where the back of the device rests on your wrist.

The user does not detail if he has contacted Samsung to clarify what happened or if the Samsung Galaxy Watch has given a fault beyond overheating. This, however, is not an isolated case. Many netizens have responded to the post. claiming to have experienced the same issue with their smartwatchesyes Some, in fact, from other manufacturers.

In most cases, users claim that overheating and burning of the skin is due to a rchemical reaction caused by charging pins which includes the device on the back, and contact with sweat. “It turns out that if you’re a sweaty person with the right kind of sweat, the charger pads facing your skin will carry a slight current, and some of your sweat will turn into a caustic chemical,” says one of those affected.

An overheating of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the possible cause of the burn on the wrist

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, however, does not have these charging pins. Samsung also ensures that it is possible to use it at night. The user, for his part, assures that he did not apply any type of cream or substance to his wrist, and that he only took some sleeping pills. He also alleges that minutes before he noticed how the back of the watch was overheating.

Other users also reported having Similar failures with heating of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. A watch that, let’s remember, was announced — let’s remember — in 2019 and that offers common features related to sports and health, including a sensor to monitor heart rate. Also an electrocardiogram, a barometer, gyroscope and accelerometer. Sensors that, in fact, are very common in most smart watches. Samsung, for the moment, has not offered details in this regard.


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