Saturday, January 28, 2023

A Twitch streamer surprises playing ‘Elden Ring’ with her mind

the fever for Elden Ring, considered by many to be the best video game of 2022, is still a long way from over. The extraordinary world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki, in collaboration with George RR Martin, continues to steal the spotlight in the industry. This time, however, the title caught the eye because a streamer has shown that it is possible play it with your minduntil a certain point…

Is about perrikaryal, whose number of followers on Twitch increased exponentially after showing his amazing experiment. With the help of an electroencephalogram, he was able to monitor the activity of his brain. The most interesting thing is that transformed some of the signals obtained into offensive actions within Elden Ring. Something like creating keyboard shortcuts, but through your mind.

“I am using an EEG to monitor my brain activity live on the screen. I then trained it to recognize certain states and linked it to my attack key. It picks up the different electrical activities and patterns in my brain, and can tell the difference between how it behaves normally when I’m talking to you, and when I visualize a seizure,” he says.

How did he manage to transform brain activity into determined actions in Elden Ring? By means of special software that only works on PC, of ​​course. In addition, acknowledge having fulfilled a training period to, through his mind, achieve the appropriate state to execute the action.

One question you may have at this point is whether Perrikaryal has knowledge in the area or if he just participated in a test devised by someone else. In fact, she is a psychologist, but also enjoys being a content creator on Twitch. With this experiment, she managed to combine her two activities, and the result has left us all speechless. The clip did not take long to go viral among the immense community of Elden Ring.

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