Sunday, December 3, 2023

A theme park

That Francisco de la Torre is a figure known by almost all Malaga residents is undeniable, I am not sure if it is because of his almost perpetual longevity in the first line of positions in public life or because if there is something that even remotely sounds like a promotion, There his figure appears, in the first line of the camera shot.

In terms of promotional initiatives, there are many, but knowing the way we Malaga people are, I miss that the politicians have not worked on a kind of theme park that will take you in an instant of absolute and heavenly happiness, to the worst of torture. I am extremely surprised that the capital’s City Council has not allocated a generous plot of land to unite the mythological Greek Hades with Nirvana in the same idea (not Kurt Cobain’s, of course).

Focusing on the basketball fan, I see what is experienced around the start of the Unicaja season, and it is not that it seems strange to me, because here in Malaga we have fifteen days of official competition to glorify the team in the appetizers and the first dish and almost ask for resignations before reaching dessert.

And repeating what happened last year would still be heroic, because here we spend more time telling our children the anecdotes of “that time Unicaja won such a title”, than in the race to win one. Therefore, to think that this is going to continue being a breeze as was seen at the end of last year, at the very least, is triumphalist.

Later, what happens is nothing more than life itself. The opponents and the competition arrive and put everyone in their place, but there is something that cannot be forgotten, which is the credit earned by this same group that in Zaragoza fell against a team with lower objectives than the Malaga team. And that in Martín Carpena he repeated the result, suffering much of the difference in status between the teams that participate in the Euroleague or in another continental competition.

In the season, apart from the fact that Unicaja is already out of the group of surprise teams, it is closer to the place it once was, and it will surprise very few if it continues what it showed last season, but far from it It’s going to be easy.

That everything needs to work very well, and for this, the way back home and the performance shown, it is essential that the men and the skills already shown be rejoined into the group, but with a condition this season, the impatience of the environment, which expect something more and, above all, much faster among a broader social mass.

Now, to take the pulse of what is thought abroad, there is something more than the presence in the stands during the games. With social networks, many are given a voice, but the issue is not perfect either, between anonymity – not exempt from cowardice – and freedom of expression understood in a somewhat particular way. There is everything, and giving a certain distance to what is published is a good determination, although turning your back on it, ignoring publications and their authors is ignoring the elephant in the room, something that we already experienced here not long ago and that – situations and characters – we hope they are never repeated.

With a very recent past, it seemed strange to me that on the part of the composer fans there were moments of disconnection that were too palpable. The example occurred just under a minute and a half before the end of the game, when, with the score at 69-75, Kendrick Perry fouled Jared Harper on a triple pitch. The American from Valencia Básket took the 3 free throws with the silence of the pavilion, broken only by one of the Los Mihitas drums that brought a distant memory of Good Friday.

I am not going to go into whether it is a good composer to hold on until the end of the game no matter what, or if the fans that went to Ciudad Jardín were better than the ones now, and much less am I going to think that, or the voice is lost cheering up every game, or is it so that the Judean Liberation Front labels you a dissident. But I expected something more similar to what was experienced not so long ago, especially because it is worth repeating over and over again that there are enough reasons to believe in this group.

In short, I am very clear that the team is going to change the face offered based on work, just as the coach is going to continue seeking to improve his project on the field. But I also think that when the support of the stands is most needed is when we are looking for the best face and maximum success.


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