Friday, December 8, 2023

A spectator entered the field at the World Cup final to protest the attack on Palestine, then..

The final match of the 13th edition of the ICC ODI World Cup is underway. Where India is batting after losing the toss. A different incident happened at the beginning of the match. The torture of the Israeli military is going on in the Middle East country of Palestine. A supporter has entered the World Cup final field to protest this torture and demand the liberation of Palestine.

There is a storm of protest all over the world about the invasion of the Israeli military in Palestine. This protest was also seen on the stage of the Cricket World Cup. One of the protesters entered the field in the middle of the India-Australia final.

This incident happened in the 14th over of the Indian innings. Although there is a strict security around the entire field, a spectator entered the field through it. His face is masked with the Palestinian flag, and his T-shirt reads ‘Stop the aggression’ as far as the eye can see. Free Palestine.’

After entering the field, the audience went to Kohli. He wants to embrace the Indian star. But there was no response from Kohli. Within seconds, he was removed from the field by field security personnel. The game was stopped for a few moments because of this newcomer. Interestingly, none of the match broadcast cameras showed the incident directly. The matter was caught on the cameras of the field cameraman and spectators. There is already a storm on the social media. However, questions are being raised as to how the spectator entered the field around the World Cup finals around the tight security fence of the Ahmedabad Stadium.

It should be noted that the Gaza Strip of Palestine has become a well of death in the Israeli aggression. Hundreds of people are losing their lives every day. The air is heavy with the smell of corpses. Children are not left out. Even those injured in the attack are being denied medical care. Earlier, during the World Cup in India, several people were jailed for carrying the Palestinian flag on the field.

Meanwhile, in the final match against Australia, India lost the toss and lost 6 wickets for 203 runs. Till writing this report, they have collected 135 runs after losing 3 wickets in 26 overs.

(19 November/NBW)


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