Thursday, June 8, 2023

a small club

Looking back in the most immediate way, this past Tuesday I literally asked the team of the Unibox He would give a minimum show of pride to deserve to wear that shirt. This past week, Ibon Navarro’s squad fell to BAXI Manresa Y Lenovo Tenerifewinning in the Palau to the barca. Qualifying there is not much to say, the team is still in the nondescript eleventh place and with Tuesday’s defeat, the team’s first participation in the Champions League it has closed very far from the marked objective.

It is clear that in no competition are games won with the shirt, but when the club’s board of directors tried to explain the change in the euro cup to FIBA BCLthe president spoke of the convenience of the new competition, poor health, bordering on the death of the second competition of the Euroleague (review the playoffs that are only one game away) and the good bhistory of the rivals that the Unibox.

The reality is that the people of Malaga have played 13 games, winning only six, the victims have been Nizhny Novgorod (ranked 7th in the Russian VTB), twice, Lavrio Megabolt (eleventh in the Greek ESAKE A1), Dijon (seventh in the French ProA), Ostend (third in the Belgian BNXT) and the Cluj-Napoca (leader in the Romanian National League), on the other hand, was unable to win the Prometey Zaporizhia (close leader of the Ukrainian Super League) and twice a BAXI Manresa.

The conclusion that I draw from all this is that not only has it not hooked the fans, it has not contributed anything, neither to the history, nor to the status of the club and it has only served to confirm that the team only serves to try not to look too bad against to manifestly worse teams, because until the victory in Barcelonathey had only been able to beat a team that was higher in the table, in Murcia.

The Holy Thursdaythe Unibox played a very good game at the leader’s home, achieving a victory that ephemerally gave rise to hopes of improving the team, experiencing the umpteenth and definitive turning point, something that had to be confirmed immediately by the Easter Sunday before him Lenovo Tenerifebut that from the club it became official -prematurely in my opinion- by publishing in the official media a photograph in the Palau locker room such as those that were seen on big occasions, such as after winning the ACB League in the Fernando Buesaor after three times pepe sanchez that gave the pass to the Final Four of Athensor after usurping the title of the euro cup to the Valencia.

That photo would have been a totally logical tribute to the euphoria if it had seen the light on the social networks of any player or a member of the technical team, but making that image a claiming flag at an institutional level seems worthy of a small team, apart from of a recklessness as was confirmed in the following game.

Perhaps it can hurt that we have been assuming for a while now that this Unicaja is more of a small club than the one we remembered, at least at the results level. We clung to working from within to return to that situation of privilege that one day was experienced, but the reality is different. The same squad that stood out for winning a game, trampled what little name they had left on Sunday in front of the increasingly few fans that he has left, being a soul in pain and dragging his name through a feud that had a deathly silence until the game ended.

I don’t know how far the hell this club is going to collapse, with the biggest earthquake experienced in the history of the institution that supports it (be it Unicaja Bank either Unicaja Foundation), it seems that the self-destruction in which the CB Malaga wants to imitate ben sandersonthe character he plays Nicolas Cage in “Living Las Vegas», who goes to the city of sin to commit suicide after a series of misfortunes.

I say all this after having seen very fateful years, in which there were no particularly clear objectives, but at least they generated a minimum of illusion, not now, that even writing this column has become a bitter pill. If anyone believes that I am being especially harsh, I don’t know what they will think that the coach qualified his team as «five mannequins on the pitch looking at the opposite». To this day, this team is only characterized by collecting failures, hopefully we would see the change soon.


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