Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A meaningful gift from a teenager from the USA to his mother with cancer

Melanie Shaha, who lives in Arizona, USA, learned that her cancer had relapsed during her control in 2017 and her hair fell out as a result of radiation therapy.

HIS JOKE MAKES IT logical, he turned it into reality.

According to the news in Today, during the family meal, 28-year-old son Matt said, “I’m going to grow out my hair and make you a wig.” The young man started to grow his hair out, thinking that this idea, which he had initially put forward as a joke, was not a bad idea at all.

The hair of Matt Shaha, who gave a very meaningful gift to his mother with the sacrifice he made, was made into a wig, which was not cut for almost three years, and was cut and dyed in a modern way by a hairdresser.


“Even though I don’t care about the disease, I don’t want to look sick,” says Melanie Shaha, mother of six. Matt, on the other hand, reiterated his support for his mother during the treatment process, saying, “It’s not worth it, she’s the one who gave me my hair anyway.”


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