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A letter written by the hand of Steve Jobs with key information about the Apple-1 is up for auction

$175,759 dollars is that what a person has paid after winning the auction of a handwritten letter by Steve Jobs during 1976as collected MacRumors. The document is not just anything, not only because the issuer was the co-founder of Apple himself, but also because of the information it contains. The document exposes data of the Apple-1the first personal computer in the company’s history.

The previous owner, whose name has not been revealed due to an obvious security issue, was a childhood friend of Steve Jobs. In fact, he was present during the development of the Apple-1 as a mere spectator. Perhaps he never reasoned that he was witnessing a pivotal event in the history of computing.

The letter from Steve Jobs has a series of indications on the promotion of the Apple-1. It mentions the characteristics of the computer, but also highlights its main technical innovations, those that should be focused on.

It is clear that what Steve Jobs suggested in the letter was fulfilled to the letter. The first print ad for the Apple-1 is pretty much a mirror image of the handwritten document. Of course, with its respective edition and a more elaborate text to describe the computer.

The first official announcement of the Apple-1 appeared in the magazine Interfacealso in 1976. This publication was popular in the region (Silicon Valley), as it made known the most recent computer inventions.

Apple I ad in Interface Magazine

Below the letter you can read the phrase “Only the board + manual, for $75. A real bargain.” There is no doubt that Steve Jobs was already putting his marketing skills into practice, which he perfected over the years and as the company’s growth required it.

Another interesting fact is that the written address belongs, of course, to his parents’ house. We must remember that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak developed the Apple-1 in the iconic garage located at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos, California.

Steve Jobs objects are sold at stratospheric prices

This is not the first time – and surely it will not be the last – that an object linked to Steve Jobs has been put up for auction. Without going any further, in November 2022, some Birkenstock sandals worn by co-founder. The owners even took advantage of the trends of the moment to include an NFT of the item.

Shortly before, in February of the same year, the The Steve Jobs Revolution: Engelbart, Atari, and Apple, an auction with multiple objects that belonged to the former CEO of Apple. One of the most desired was the job application Steve Jobs sent to Atari when he was 18. It is worth mentioning that this document has changed hands on multiple occasions, each time increasing its value. In 2022 someone paid over $300,000 for it.

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