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A future Apple Watch would change color depending on the context, like a chameleon

In the presentation of the iPhone 15 —scheduled, almost certainly, for the second week of September—, those from Cupertino will also announce the Apple Watch Series 9. Although no notable changes are expected for said generation, in the not too distant future we could see a rather interesting novelty. In Apple Insider have found a patent that would allow the Apple Watch to change the color.

The document, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), reveals an interesting Apple ingenuity for its wearable. It goes without saying that, a priori, the proposal is eccentric. Consists in customize the spheres of the device in a chameleonic waygetting the watch to adopt the tones of nearby objects.

For example, the colors of the Apple Watch —specifically, of its sphere— would coincide with that of the watch strap, of the clothing that the user wears, of his car, among other possible scenarios. Another possibility would be to bring any element closer to the screen, so that the sensors identify the hue and replicate it.

The colors of the Apple Watch change thanks to a chameleon system. (Credit: USPTO)

The patent filed by Apple with the USPTO details that the sensor capable of detecting colors would be located behind the screen. In practice, it will suffice to bring an object closer to the device for it to change its hue. To understand it in a simple way: if an apple were placed in front of the clock, its face would turn red.

The document indicates that Apple Watch’s color-changing technology uses a sensor that measures the amount of red, green, and blue light that is reflected. The team then “can determine the hue of the external object based on its reflectance,” ultimately replicating it.

This proposal can be really interesting for Apple Watch users. Especially, taking into account that the Californian company does not allow the use of spheres provided by third parties.

When would the “chameleon” Apple Watch be released?

The aforementioned Apple Watch appeared in a patent and, in that sense, it is not an ongoing development, but a plan that the technology company is considering as a possibility. Meanwhile, we cannot even guarantee that this idea will materialize in the future. Having said this, it is valid to note that this type of document allows “spying” on the interests of manufacturers and being direct witnesses of some projects with innovative potential.

The Watch series would be renewed in September.
The Watch series would be renewed in September.

As we indicated previously, it is expected Apple Watch ads at the event that the company will hold in September. As we count in hypertextualthe device would receive its annual update with the launch of the Series 9 and the second generation Ultra model.

In the first case, the most notable modification would be the adoption of the new S9 chip, based on the A15 Bionic of the iPhone 13. In addition, it would be launched with a new strap design, which would be made of woven fabric and with a magnetic buckle. Regarding the second generation Apple Watch Ultra, it is also expected to inherit the same processor and a new variant in dark gray color.

However, if you expect to see more colors from the Apple Watch, you may have to wait a while longer. In addition, that same chameleonic system could be applied to other equipment, for example on the iPhone. Imagine if your phone could automatically change its hue based on what you’re wearing! Although such a change would not offer usability benefits, we believe such a change would appeal to many buyers.

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