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A ‘final exam’ in November

The season is long, the first third of the competition has not yet been completed, but There are games on the calendar that are marked in red. A priori it may seem like three more points, like on any other day, but seeing how the championship is developing, what happened this Sunday in Can Misses It can be classified as a ‘six point’ meeting in the face of what is currently a very direct rival for achieving direct promotion to the Second Division.

Malaga and the UD Ibiza There are two teams that form the leading triumvirate in Group II of the First RFEF. Both follow closely in the wake of the Castellonimplacable leader until now with 28 points out of 33 possible. The Ibizan team is second, with 26 points, while those from Sergio Pellicer They are third, with 24, two behind their rival until the weekend and four behind first place.

Talking about ‘finals’ at this point in the season may sound risky, but what is clear is that the clash against the UD Ibiza It may be one of those that are decisive at the end of the course. Seeing the pace of points they are imposing Castellon, Ibiza and Malagaeach victory will be vital, and even more so in this case, where your victory also causes your opponent to give up three points.

The practical example is clear. From winning to losing this Sunday at Can Misses there are six points. If the blue and white manage to attack the Ibizan fiefdom, they will surpass their rival in the standings and become the first threat to the Castellonbut otherwise, they would move up to five points away from the Ibiza and they could be very far from the lead if the people of Castellón fail again at the home of the Recreational Granada.

Málaga CF’s only defeat this season came precisely in Castalia in front of Castellon (2-1), on the first day of the league championship. Since then they have not lost again. And now they must face a new revalidation against the other ‘strong’ rival of the group, according to the classification at the moment. Those of Pellicer You will have to prove that you are really a strong candidate for direct promotion. In addition to Castellonhe Malaga They have only faced one other team from the first eight classified, the Antequeraand there they did achieve a solid victory away from home (0-2).

Ibiza Diary

old acquaintances

Beyond the importance that the match will have at the qualifying level, it will be a special match for some players of the UD Ibiza, that they will meet again. Up to three players of those who signed last year decline With the blue and white outfit they now wear the light blue elastic.

All of them were free after the relegation was completed, but only Escassi He had any option to stay. The man from Malaga conveyed in the odd interview that he was at the club’s disposal to continue, but the footballer was not part of the club’s plans. Martyrs. For its part, Alex Gallar and Javi Jimenez They never had a chance to continue after a horrible year in sports.


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