Tuesday, December 5, 2023

A British Conservative MP declares himself transgender and says he was the victim of rape

Wallis reveals that he was diagnosed with gender dysphoria, a deep discomfort for feeling that their biological sex does not correspond to their identity. “I have never lived my truth and I am not sure how to do it. Maybe start by telling the whole world,” she writes. “I had no intention of sharing this with you. I always imagined that I would leave politics long before I said this out loud.”

Blackmail and rape

The politician narrates how in April 2020 someone tried to blackmail him for his sexual inclinations. “He told my father and sent photos to other family members. He wanted 50,000 pounds (59,000 euros) in exchange for silence”. The individual was arrested and sentenced to two years and nine months in prison. In September an erotic date with someone he had contacted on the internet turned his life upside down again. When discussing whether or not to have sexual intercourse, I decided to say “no” because he didn’t want to put on a condom and he decided to rape me” she confesses. “Since that incident, I have not been the same and I don’t think I will ever recover. It is not something that I will ever forget and that you can leave behind.”

The attack left him suffering from post-traumatic disorder (PTSD), as a result of which, according to the politician, weeks later he crashed with the car he was driving and was convicted of leaving the scene without reporting the incident in which there were no casualties. “I was terrified. He had PTSD and honestly had no idea what he was doing except that he was overwhelmed by a sense of fear. I’m sorry it seemed like I wanted to elope, but that’s not how it happened at the time.”

A British Conservative MP declares himself transgender and says he was the victim of rape
Jamie Wallis MP (PA)

Johnson joke

Several deputies sent Wallis affectionate messages of support. “Today you have changed the country. Your courage will give hope and courage to the people of our country.” curator Alicia Kearns told him. There were also similar gestures from members of the Government, such as the Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, and the person in charge of Northern Ireland, Brandon Lewis. The first Minister Boris Johnson praised the “value” of “sharing a very intimate story.” On Tuesday night, hours before the deputy’s statement, at a dinner in London, Johnson had made a joke on transgender issues. Wallis was one of those present.


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