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9 Forbidden And Mysterious Sites You Can Visit On Street View

Thanks to Google Maps it is possible reach your destination following the best route. Discover a good restaurant or a hotel in which to spend the night. Or take a virtual walk thanks to the photographs and videos or with the help of Street View. In short, the Google tool has become an invaluable help for see world. Whether you are going there or just want to take a look without leaving home. And there’s a lot of places to visit on google maps.

Last year, for example, we saw a list of the most visited places in Spain from Google Maps through Street View, the immersion mode that allows you to move around a place as if you were there. And anyone can collaborate by contributing their images so that we can all see what every corner of the planet is like, even if we cannot physically visit it.

Another advantage of Google Maps is that you can visit places virtually that, for one reason or another, cannot be visited. Or that they have a bad reputation. And maybe you don’t dare to be there. Whatever the reason that some corners are considered dangerous, strange or cursedturn out to be the best places to visit on Google Maps.


These types of lists of places to visit on Google Maps usually always start with Chernobyl. The propaganda of the time has made Chernobyl a cursed place in popular culture. And curiously It is one of the most visited sites. That without counting that there is population residing in the area all year round. Native and scientists who study the flora and fauna of the land.

But if the spectacularity of the series Chernobyl and everything that is said about this region of Ukraine prevents you from physically traveling, you have to know that you can visit Chernobyl Thanks to Google Maps. There are photographs, videos and you can walk the streets, roads and paths Thanks to StreetView. Visit Chernobyl on Google Maps in this link.

Area 51 receives frequent visitors
Credit: ali khaddour

Area 51

The secrecy of the United States in the aftermath of the Cold War has caused many to believe for decades that in the Groom Lake Homey Airport, in Nevada, scientific experiments related to extraterrestrial life are carried out. Nothing is further from reality. It is a military airport where the CIA and the United States Army carry out tests and training. And in its day, that uninhabited area was used for test atomic weaponry.

Like any self-respecting military installation, its access is prohibited. However, in Google Maps we can find photographs of the area. Unfortunately, there are also images uploaded by provocateurs with humorous montages. Visit Area 51 on Google Maps in this link.

Hashima Island is one of the best documented places to visit on Google Maps


If you like tranquility, you may want to visit the Japanese island of Hashima. Today it is a paradise for those who enjoy seeing abandoned buildings. But in the 70s of the last century he had one of the highest population densities of the planet thanks to the exploitation of its coal mine.

Only the memory remains of its splendor and the occasional documentary. And in Google Maps you will find photos and videos. But best of all, thanks to Street View you can walk most of its streets and even take a walk by the sea around the island. Visit Hashima Island on Google Maps in this link.

Centralia is built on top of a coal mine that burns relentlessly


The name of Centralia may not tell you anything. It is a population of Pennsylvania, United States. In 1981 it had more than 1,000 inhabitants. But in 2020 it only had 5 people living there. The reason? Since 1962 there a coal mine that keeps burning endlessly. An accident that inspired the video game saga silent hill.

If you want to visit the place, you can. Although you will meet warning messages about danger of the gases that can emanate from the cracks that exist throughout the area. If you want to avoid this inconvenience, Centralia is one of the best places to visit on Google Maps without leaving home. With Street View you can visit its two main streets, highways 42 and 61, and get closer to its most emblematic place, the fire station. Visit Centralia on Google Maps in this link.

The surroundings of the Fukushima plant are one of the most popular places to visit on Google Maps


Fukushima became known to the world for a earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Although it affected six prefectures in Japan, Fukushima was joined by an accident related to its Fukushima I nuclear power plant. This caused neighboring towns were evacuated. And some still have not recovered the original population.

Although hard to find the area on Google Maps, through Wikipedia we can find your location. And although it is not possible to visit “ground zero”, we can see the surroundings at street level with StreetView. as well as see images of the monument which was erected on the outskirts. Visit the surroundings of the Fukushima I nuclear power plant on Google Maps in this link.

The Catacombs of Paris are other of those places to visit on Google Maps that are better documented

catacombs of paris

Cities like Paris ooze history in all its corners. And even in its basement we can see the past of this city. Precisely the Catacombs of Paris are one of the most impressive visits What can we do if we go to the capital of France. But if you don’t like closed places, it’s better to take a look through Google Maps.

The Paris Catacombs are one of the places to visit on Google Maps with the most graphic material provided by the users themselves. In addition to photos and videos, there are 360 degree images that visit some of the most emblematic rooms full of human remains. Visit the Paris Catacombs on Google Maps in this link.

Abandoned cities are one of the best places to visit on Google Maps


Abandoned places have their charm. And we find an example in pyramidena mining settlement from the time of the USSR and that today is abandoned. It is located in the svalbard archipelago, in Norway. An area known, among other things, for housing a bunker that stores seeds of edible plants in case they become extinct or a global disaster occurs. And for having been filming location of Arctic Voidfilm shot in 16 days by 16 people.

Although Pyramiden is no longer what it was, your hotel is still open. And you can visit the area, ride snowmobiles, walk through its streets and admire its buildings, still standing. Visit Pyramiden on Google Maps in this link. You will find photos, videos, Street View and 360 degree images.

Nagoro is one of the most beautiful and strange places to visit on Google Maps in equal parts


If they scare you rag dolls or the scarecrow, better not visit Nagoro, an abandoned town known as the town of the dolls or the town of the scarecrows. It is located in the Iya Valley on the island of Shikoku. And it is quite an attraction, since it has filled some of its most emblematic places in rag dolls that honor and they remember their former inhabitants.

on google maps you can visit this little town with great detail. Photos, videos, 360-degree images and even Street View. Keep in mind that there are performances in open places but also inside some buildings. Some with a large number of extras. Awesome.

A clown-themed hotel that you can visit on Google Maps

The World Famous Clown Motel

Another recurring fear is clowns. If you fear them, stay away from this Tonopah, Nevada motel. His main theme is clowns. The entire motel is decorated to that end, inside and out. If Nevada catches you far, you can make a virtual visit. It’s more. According to its official page, has been stage of 7 movies, 2 TV series and more than 100 YouTube documentaries. And inspired an episode of CSI: Vegas.

In Google Maps you will find photographs of the exterior, of the rooms, officials and some of its visitors. Also you can walk around through Street View and enjoy the 360 degree images. In case the motel setting not enough, it is built next to a old cemetery.

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