Thursday, September 21, 2023

85% of publishing and printing businesses are microenterprises

Here the data: 85% of the companies that base their operations on the editing, recording and impression they are microenterprises. That is, 1,186 of 1,396 companies. But the report “Editing, recording, printing and drafting profile” highlights that 12.5% ​​are small and 1.4% are large companies. only 1% are medium businesses.

The study published by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) points out that 99.9% of businesses are local and only two are made up of free zones, which shows the contribution of Dominican capital in diversifying the traditional labor market.

In addition, 74.9% of the companies register their tax domicile in the Dominican capital, that is, 56.5% in the National District (789) and 18.4% in Santo Domingo (256). While, Santiago it reports 9.2% of the companies (129) and the remaining 15.8% in other Dominican provinces.

There is an undeniable reality: the cultural industries they diversify the traditional market by creating jobs based on creativity. However, formal employment derived from this manufacturing line shows a slight decrease of 1% between 2010 and 2022, going from 9,579 to 8,155 contributors. According to data from the state entity, it means 1,424 fewer jobs.

In 2011, 9,808 contributors were registered in the Social Security Treasury (TSS) and in 2012 about 9,714, followed by 2013 with 9,787 and 2014 with 9,924. In 2015, 10,161 jobs were reported and in 2016 about 10,335, for a difference of 174 jobs.

In 2017, employment was set at 10,298, 0.9% less than in 2018 (10,400) and a difference of 126 compared to the 10,172 in 2019. According to MICM data, covid-19 affected regulated jobs in the creative industry, since which stood at 7,670 in 2020, 7.8% less than the 8,272 in 2021.


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