Saturday, September 30, 2023

8,015 people: new record for Carpena in BCL

Martín Carpena has become a place of worship for Málaga fans and not only in the Endesa League, but also in the Basketball Champions League, to which more and more people are coming. And it is that he Unicaja-Galatasaray of this Tuesday he beat the record number of spectators at the Palace in a FIBA ​​competition match: 8,015 people.

This figure exceeds the 7,092 fans who accompanied the compositor group a few weeks ago in the victory against AEK Athens (88-66) in this Round of 16. A good sign that shows that this tournament is attracting more and more people and that with the support of the “green tide” those of Ibon Navarro are almost invincible against any continental team.

For more than obvious reasons, these 8,015 people exceed any attendance of the green and purple fans at a BCL game last year. Not even the meeting quarterfinals against Manresawhere the team had to win to continue opting for the Final Four, is the most watched at Carpena (5,724). The match against Nizhny Novgorod last campaign (6,137) and the last before the Dynamo Sassari (6,023) -both in the group stage- surpasses them.

What is certain is that Unicaja-Galatasaray’s attendance can only improve in the next matches of the competition. Each match will be a fundamental bullet to reach the Final Four and there Martín Carpena will play a fundamental role.


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