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67-74: CAB Estepona wins in Melilla after coming back from 21 down

CAB Estepona won. At last! The staging of the team from Estepona in Melilla was not the best: 7-0 start in just two minutes for those of La Salle and the device used to take the statistics stopped working, forcing the match to be stopped for more than half an hour.

When everything indicated that the minutes would be drawn up the old-fashioned way, with paper and a pen, the electronic device decided to come to its senses and the game could be resumed. The set did not stop and reached 15-0, forcing Pablo Bernabé to request a time-out. The problems continued to accumulate, because in addition to the absence of Ana Pocek and Absa Diaw, the latter could not be lined up as it was a postponed matchthe diminished inside game got into trouble when Jone Azkue committed two quick personals in a game where he had to help the rotation in the power forward position for many minutes.

Seven minutes passed until the first basket in play by CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol, the work of Vero Matoso (19-4) from the free throw line. Shortly after it was Macarena D’Urso who committed her second foul and had to be replaced and the local outside success, scoring three of the first four triples she shot, catapulted them to 23-4 with eight minutes elapsed. Carla Viegas then hit the target from almost eight meters on her first shot and made it 25-9 with which the first period would end.

The team trained by Pauli Puerto continued to open up the distance, until Noelia Masià scored a triple (31-14, min. 13) to prevent the difference from going over 20. Then the second team from the Valencian foreign team arrived and after two visiting baskets (35-14) Pablo Bernabé was forced to stop the game, as his team showed no signs of reaction, seemed to lack offensive ideas and lacked concentration on defense. Then the figure of Sara Castro emerged, very vertical to the hoop, with penetrations that allowed her to make it 2+1, a foul in which she converted both free throws and a basket after defensive recovery (37-21, min. 17). that kept the visitors. Then Viegas added a new triple, forcing the local coach to request a timeout when he had 3’34” left for the break.

A three pointer from the Serbian Bojana Stevanovic broke the momentum (42-29), achieved in part by a defensive change with a zone, but it was only a hint of local improvement, because CAB Estepona Jardín from the Costa del Sol kept getting closer in the score and after a basket by Jone Azkue in second option that left the score at 44-34 with 1’29” For the rest Pauli Puerto had to spend a new dead time. Once again, the Basque player added and the difference fell by 10, something that had not happened since the initial part of the match, but two free throws and a basket by Alana Gonçalo on the buzzer left the score at 48-36, coinciding with halftime in a game where the offensive rebounds were giving many second and third chances to the team coached by Pablo Bernabé.

The third period began with an exchange of baskets that favored the locals, ahead on the scoreboard, but then a triple by D’Urso was a turning point, coinciding with the equator of the room. The defense, which had given so many headaches in recent games, began to work. The players, who had finished the first half, believed in them and in their work, and little by little they were eating the morale of a local team that in the absence of the league MVP was breathing, cWith 21 rental points, he dreamed of not suffering to achieve his second victory of the season and that now he saw how the ghosts of the past were present.

Snezana Aleksic added as a third offensive option, after working very well on the rebound in attack and the third three-pointer from the San Pedro de Alcántara sniper forced the local coach to stop the game (53-51 and 2’28” to finish the third fourth) because he saw how his had been diluted by the good work of the Estepona painting, which he did not stop creating despite the bad initial staging. The partial was 5-15 and Stevanovic from beyond the arc gave a halo of hope to theirs, being Gema García who would close the fourth scoring from the free kick to put the light at 56-52.

Four points in a row from Masià, two of them from a free kick, tied the game at 56 with just over eight minutes to go. There was a situation that had not occurred since the initial 0-0, but the one who was going up was CAB Estepona Jardín from the Costa del Sol. Laura Fernández broke the tie, but an unsportsmanlike play by Nuria Ríos on Eva Cases Rey allowed them to approach one and Fatou Diagne took out a personal one on the next play, scoring both free throws and giving the locals the first lead of the game (58-59, min. 33). The comebacks are not finished until they are at the top. It had been accomplished. Now it was time to close the game.

Castro, in his best match in the offensive section of the season, extended the lead and Diagne, after recovering the ball in defense, scored in the opposite basket, making it 58-63 in the light of García Pezzi de Melilla, forcing the local coach to stop the game with 5’50” remaining to finish. Ríos broke the set after recovering the ball in midfield and penetrating at will, and then Bojana Stevanvic with a basket and additional left the score at 62-65, giving hope to theirs.

Then captain García responded with three in what were her first basket points in play of the match (62-68, min. 37). The team had up to two possessions to settle with 65-70 and just over a minute, but the ball did not want to enter; luckily, not in the other ring either and a desperate foul by Nuria Ríos, penalized as unsportsmanlike allowed Sara Castro to add from the line of four sixty (65-71) with 53 seconds remaining in the game. The locals could do nothing to avoid defeat and ended up falling 67-74.

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