Thursday, March 23, 2023

5G gives Nokia lost glory in the smartphone market

For several years, Nokia was at the forefront of smartphone manufacturing companies, but its status was diminishing due to the impetus of companies such as Samsung, Apple or Xiaomi, to name a few. Now the strength of the Finns is in 5G technology.

5G technology (fifth generation of cellular technology) is designed to increase speed, reduce latency and improve flexibility in wireless services. Nokia is at the forefront of technology, thanks to the patents.

The Finnish company recently announced more than 4,300 5G patents, in order to standardize cellular technology. So giants like Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Blackberry, Huawei and OPPO they have had to establish agreements with Nokia for the use of 5G.

Their contributions in innovation and standardization are the product of more than 129,000 million euros of investment in research and development during the last two decades, according to Nokia data.

“We standardize these inventions to allow for widespread use and adoption,” said Marcus Weldon, Nokia’s chief technology officer. “The benefits of 5G are initially in massive amounts of new capacity for consumers, but As new network technology and architecture develop, it will enable new applications for enterprise and industrial businesses.”

End-to-end 5G networks stand out, which in the words of Weldon “form the critical fabric for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with Nokia Bell Labs once again at the heart of this revolution.”

Nokia, the 5G technology giant

5G revenue for Nokia is huge. The company pointed out that in 2022 it obtained about 52 billion euros in total, with the payment of patents as an important percentage.

“Nokia uses its leadership position to ensure that 5G technology continue to be indispensably valuable to the people and organizations that use it every day.” indicates the Finnish company on its portal.

“We are driving standardization efforts to comply with consumer, business and industry requirements not addressed in previous cellular standards, and we constantly anticipate future needs by innovating new 5G-enabled applications.”

The future is yours although many of us thought they were asleep.


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