Tuesday, December 5, 2023

500 brave men stand out in the rain in the Anxo Carro

It was very exciting to see the stands of Carriage Annex with more than half a thousand Malaguista fans. The television cameras toasted again prints of those that will be difficult to forget. Salvation is still very complicated, but the commitment of the blue and white fans in the face of adversity is priceless.

Seven buses full of blue and white supporters completed more than 1,000 kilometers of travel, a whole night’s journey from the stadium of The Rose Garden, to find accommodation in some stands in which the rain and the wind they complicated the normal follow-up of the sporting spectacle.

Then the goals would arrive and with them any other setback was parked. The best possible prize for the expedition members were those targets that, momentarily, they left the permanence just two points away. The titanic struggle for permanence returned to provide images for history. And even the protagonists of the squad themselves knew how to thank so much effort, with unique words, about the passion that the team receives week after week.

In fact, as soon as the match ended, the footballers approached the place where their fans were. All of them had another thousand kilometers ahead until theto Costa del Sol. A route to return home after four in the morning and, in many cases, with the commitment to return to work or university classrooms with the first rays of sun. This is Málaga, this is Málaga CF, as some of these intrepid subscribers have declared for days.

It should be remembered that the issuance of the Malaga CF He had left the capital after eight in the afternoon on Saturday. About 12 hours later they reached lugowhere at first hour played have breakfastregain strength, so that at two in the afternoon they begin to sing very soon the two goals of a team engaged in assaulting the bottom field and expect good news from Santander.

The spokesmen for the expedition confessed at the close of this edition that, however, the return was marred by the unexpected victory of Racing against Granada CF that is immersed in the fight to go up directly to the First Division. The victory by the minimum generated restlessness among a social mass that, however, has already begun to dream of a fully packed La Rosaleda stadium, on May 1, to receive the Huesca Sports Society in the best possible way.

There are still many hours to play in LaLiga SmartBank and for the Malaga CF There will be duels against new rivals from the relegation zone, such as the ponferradina either Ibizaso the five points that still mark the limit with the save are by no means impossible to neutralize.

After the clash on Monday the 1st against the SD Huescathe blue and white box travels to ponferrada and later will receive, in mid-May, the Mirandes. The last two matches to close the league calendar will bring a visit to mendizorrozawhere those of Pellicer will be measured at Alavesand the duel at home, at the gates of the month of June, against the Ibizan squad.

Given the background of this weekend, it is not ruled out that the Malaguista fans could also organize a massive expedition to lands in León, in two weeks, before the aforementioned duel in The Toralin. But before that, historical prints will be seen again, when The Rose Garden Show off your best clothes on the first day of May.


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