Saturday, April 1, 2023

46% of the associates of the AIRAC member cooperatives are women

The Association of Rural Savings and Credit Institutions (AIRAC) revealed that of the total number of members of the 18 cooperatives that make up this entity, 46% are women, while the same percentage of women reached elective positions in these organizations.

In this sense, the president of AIRAC, Alfredo Dorrejo, explained that within the indicators that mark the direction of their cooperatives “financial inclusion and the elimination of any gender barrier that may be a limitation for the socioeconomic development of the members It is a priority within the expected results”.

In its annual report, AIRAC published that the increase in loans to women in 2022 was 83%, with women having 42.7% of the loans granted at the end of that year. Data that in Dorrejo’s opinion show a virtuous economic model.

“We work to have results with a human face, we know that women in society are synonymous with entrepreneurship and the motor of micro-economies that promote families and create new positive realities in their communities. Cooperativism is and must continue to be a vehicle to seek well-being for all”, she assured.

He also explained that “the Social Balance also sets the standard to ensure everyone’s participation in the governance model of our organizations, as well as in the creation of wealth and sustainability, which is why it is no coincidence that 48% of the present in assemblies are women, just as 46% hold elective positions and also have an important participation in leadership positions”.


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