Monday, December 11, 2023

34-37: Trops Málaga win before fighting for promotion to the Asobal League

He Trops Malaga fulfilled in his last league commitment, inconsequential, before facing the Asobal promotion promotion, which will be resolved on June 7 and 10 –the first assault in Malaga lands–, against the third from last place of the elite. The team from the Costa del Sol won this Saturday at home, in El Plantío, against San Pablo Burgos, by the result of 34-37in a game without history, without defensive hardness, which Quino Soler’s men resolved very quickly.

With everything decided, both squads jumped to 40×20 with an unusual seven. The goalkeeper Villamarín did not travel for the Malaga team, nor did the outfield players Palomeque, Consuegra, Martins and Cabrera. Even so, the clash was entertaining, with many rotations and maximum equality until the equator of the first half. During the first 15 minutes, the Trops always managed to score first, even though the lead was minimal. On the other hand, this trend changed from here on in favor of the malacitanos, who, finally, they adjusted the shots, which allowed them to increase the income (13-20).

With this obvious superiority, it was only a matter of holding on to the result and, despite the fact that the team from Burgos tried to reduce the gap in the final stages, the Trops withdrew from the track winning by the comfortable result of 15-21.

The second part started with the most intoned Burgos. An initial run of 3-1 adjusted the result (18-22) with only four minutes of play. This local improvement made Malaga’s income decrease to 22-24. Igor Karlov was being lethal in attack. However, a 1-4 run, now for the Malacitanos they once again gave the clear advantage (23-28) for the boys of Quino Soler.

The Trops had the match under control, but there was still a world to go. In fact, when the match was about to reach the 20th minute, Burgos, in a final rush, managed to reduce the lead to three (27-30). The visiting squad had it done and He knew how to kill the game to end up defeating his opponent by beating him 34-37a marker signed by the also rookie Xavi Camas.

After the second and final phase, the Trops are already awaiting their double and decisive promotion promotion commitment, which they will play on June 7 and 10 against the third-from-last place in the Asobal League who, with one day left in the elite, It still remains to be decided who that team will be and that it will start between Guadalajara, Cangas or Sinfín.


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