Thursday, June 1, 2023

34-32: The Costa del Sol pulls epic to play the semifinals of the Cup

Never doubt the heart of a ‘panther’. Never. Not even in the most difficult moments because the soul of the champions always comes out. ‘Only’ were the quarterfinals, but he Costa del Sol Malaga has already left in the Queen’s Cup a heroic victory against Rocasa Gran Canaria (34-32) in which he forced the extension and whose victory he signed with courage and talent.

No one could deny that it was a more than worthy match between the second and third place in the Iberdrola Guerreras League in search of a place among the top four of the ko tournament. Nothing was missing. As was foreseeable, both teams followed each other closely in the first moments (3-3, min. 3). It was a dizzying encounter with constant comings and goings, where the ‘panthers’ were able to take a first step forward with the 8-6 thanks to his superiority in the center of the track.

However, they also had to see how a rival goal was established superlative Lulu Guerra who stopped almost everything. Even so, 9-9but quickly came the 10-12 (min. 24). The advantage was now canary. Precisely, with the inferiority of Malaga, anyone thought that Juan Moreno’s men could leave and quite the opposite. Suso Gallardo’s players were better with inferiority and achieved reach the intermission with a tight 14-14.

Second part

Despite recovering those feelings, the start of the second half was not positive. At that time, Gran Canaria began to boast of its foreign pitching. Maria Gomes and Sayna Mbengue they shook the foundations of Martín Carpena with that worrying 18-21 (min. 39). However, the heart of a ‘panther’ never stops beating, ever. So Estela Doiro, Isa Medeiros and Silvia Arderius returned peace of mind with the 22-22.

However, and unfortunately, what quickly comes, quickly goes. Rocasa once again dealt a hard blow with a 0-3 run (23-26). With that wall against which was the result (24-27, min. 52), anxiety appeared, ideas were no longer so fluid when it came to making the last and decisive pass. Campigli -excellent throughout the match-, Sara Bravo and Virginia Fernández threw the team on their backs to enter the last four minutes with a minimal difference (26-27). AND Silvia Arderius appeared (27-28). María Gomes received a red card in the final moments that allowed the malagueñas to equalize at 28 and take the game to extra time.

There the champion appeared. The one of the great occasions. The current defender of the Copa de la Reina. Arderius and Virginia shoneand Rocío Rojas, with a goal from the end, raised the local fans to heaven. The best Costa del Sol arrived at the right timepunctual to the appointment as always. 32-29 in the first half of overtime, 33-32 two two minutes from the end and 34-32 to sign a heroic and unforgettable encounter. This Saturday, starting at 6:00 p.m., for the final.


He KH-7 Granollers will be the rival of Costa del Sol Málaga. Robert Cuesta’s team will set foot on the Martín Carpena track again with the inertia of having made history. The victory of the Catalan team against Grafometal La Rioja (24-23) allowed them to overcome for the first time the quarterfinals of the Copa de la Reina. The game came to rest with a matched 12-12. They were like that during the second half, but a definitive goal by Ona Vegué gave Granollers the classification to the semifinals.

Another team that certified its pass this Friday, and that awaits Bera Bera, was Mecalia Atlético Guardés after beating Gijón 20-27. Equality was the dominant point at the beginning of the meeting. However, the Galicians gave a blow -which would be definitive- by achieving a distance of six goals at half-time thanks to numerical superiority (8-14). So the Guardés was able to rotate a little more to arrive in the best conditions.

With even more superiority he won the Super Mara Bera Bera. The leaders of the Iberdrola Warrior League they swept their clash with Atticgo Elche (36-24) to play a new semifinals of the Copa de la Reina. They did not give the women from Elche any opportunity. A good example is the 13-4 of minute 20. Of course, the Basques never stepped on the brake. Now Atlético Guardés awaits them this Saturday, starting at 9:00 p.m., for a place in the final.


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