Tuesday, November 29, 2022

32-year-old famous singer jailed for 13 years, called girls home and raped them

Chinese-Canadian pop singer Kris Wu has been sentenced to 13 years in prison. After finding Wu guilty of sex crime, the court sentenced him to this sentence. A Beijing court found 32-year-old Chris Wu guilty of raping three women and gathering a crowd for group sexual activity.

Big allegations against singer

Last year, Chris Wu was arrested by the police. At that time a student accused him of date-rape. After this, 24 more girls came forward and testified against Wu. The court says that Wu will be deported. However, the process of deporting people in China is done after the completion of their sentence.

The court in Beijing’s Chaoyang district sentenced on Friday that Chris Wu would have to serve 11 years and six months for raping three women. Singer is accused of raping all three women by calling them to his house in 2020, when they were drunk and could not defend themselves. The court further said that apart from this, Singer has been sentenced to one year and 10 months for gathering people for group sexual activity.

Chris Wu was first accused by a student named Du Meizhu. The girl had told through a post on social media that she had met Wu two years ago. Then the age of the girl was 17 years. According to the girl, she was invited to a party held at Singer’s house. Here she was forced to drink alcohol and when she woke up the next morning, she was in Singer’s bed.

Will be fined for tax fraud

Chris Wu had rejected this allegation against him. But after this 24 more women came forward and accused him. Women told how Singer invites women to parties filled with alcohol. Along with this, Chris Wu is also accused of tax fraud and for this he will have to pay a fine of 600 million yuan i.e. Rs 6,82,64,46,000.

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