Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary is in discussion due to a legal case. On September 19, Sapna surrendered in the ACJM court in Lucknow regarding the fraud case. However, she was released shortly after and the warrant issued against her was withdrawn by the court. Sapna’s first reaction has come 3 days after surrendering.

Sapna’s first reaction


Sapna has posted a new post on Insta after 3 days. In this reel video, Sapna Chaudhary has given a befitting reply to her enemies. The dialogue on which Sapna made the video is- Enemies are worried that why our lamp is burning even in storms. The caption has also been written strongly by Sapna Choudhary in her Tashan. She writes – Time can get stuck, but I am not upset, I am not the person who gives up due to circumstances……..🤟 This caption of Sapna tells her personality. Sapna Chaudhary has given a clear warning to her haters that she is not one to bow down or weaken.

Fans support to Sapna

Fans are lavishing love on this post of Sapna Chaudhary. Everyone is saluting the killer attitude and spirit of Sapna Chaudhary. Sapna has seen a lot of struggle in her life. She has faced many challenges from time to time, but she did not panic. He has faced every difficulty with courage. His fans have become the shield of Sapna Chaudhary in difficult times. Fans have always supported Sapna and encouraged her.


In which case is Sapna stuck?
There is a case of 2018. In which Sapna Chaudhary has been accused of fraud. A bailable warrant was issued against Sapna Chaudhary, due to which she had to appear in the court. Sapna surrendered on 19 September. He was then released after being taken into custody for a while. The court has ordered Sapna to appear on September 30.

In 2018, Sapna Chaudhary’s program was to be held in Lucknow’s Smriti Upvan. For this, thousands of people had booked tickets fiercely. But Sapna did not reach the program. After which there was a lot of uproar and the matter reached the court. People got angry. A case of fraud was filed against Sapna. The names of the show’s organizers Junaid Ahmed, Naveen Sharma, Iwad Ali, Amit Pandey and Ratnakar Upadhyay were also included in the FIR.