Friday, December 9, 2022

3-3: UMA Antequera scores a point against Industrias Santa Coloma

The third home win of the course was the goal set for the UMA Antequerabut it could not be achieved by very little against the Santa Coloma Industries (3-3). Burrito had the option of certifying the three points with a recovery with just a few seconds to go. He went towards the goal and, before he could shoot, Nil Closas grabbed his shirt and left him without the option of 4-3. The rival balanced it with two goals from Cardona with the attack of five with goalkeeper-player. Pablo Ramírez and Cobarro, twice, were the scorers.

The visit of Xavi Closas’ team to Antequera lands closed a week with great physical exhaustion after the debut in the Copa del Rey last Tuesday against Benavente. In the first rotation set by José Antonio Borrego ‘Tete’, Pablo Ordóñez and Pablo Ramírez teamed up perfectly and created the clearest chances. On 6 and 18 they did not stop generating complications in the rival defense.

Industrias Santa Coloma was able to strike first and, in fact, managed to score from a free-kick. However, the referees ruled it out by pointing out an illegal block by Khalid. The Cartagena goalkeeper pulled out a providential hand in a powerful shot by Víctor Ramos. Also, in another set, he found the help of Daniel Fernández to keep the 0-0 in the electronic. On the 13th he stopped a one-on-one and the Madrid closing cleared the leather.

In the 12th minute it was 1-0. Pablo Ordóñez ran to the wing to regain possession, demonstrating his intensity in pressing on the front line, raised his head and saw the entry, from behind, of Pablo Ramirez that He only had to send the ball to save. Somewhat beautifully billed for the offense in general.

The final stretch of the first half was marked by the control that the university squad had to have when defending. He reached the five fouls allowed and, to avoid making a sixth, Tete decided to use the five attack with the goalkeeper-player to create a more positional attack and not give up control of the ball. The 1-0 remained until the break and, after passing through the changing rooms, the visiting team entered the clash better.

He began to have more chances and, in the 24th minute, Povill scored the 1-1. After conceding, the green team reacted quickly and regained the advantage. Óscar assisted Cobarro and on the 12th signed the 2-1. The inertia of a new target could lead to a third that almost occurred. Barona connected with a great left foot that Borja Puerta cleared and the goalkeeper blocked his goal from a very active Dani Ramos.

The negative note occurred five minutes from the conclusion. Pablo Ordóñez felt muscular discomfort and had to ask for the change. Despite this absence, Burrito was active in pressing and, after recovering the ball, he was brought down inside the box by Uri Santos. The referees pointed out the infraction and cobarro took responsibility for taking the penalty. The power forward from Cieza (Murcia) lethally defined. With the 3-1Xavi Closas decided to take a risk with the goalkeeper-player in attack and it worked for him.

Cardona took advantage of the offensive superiority to beat Chispi twice and make it 3-3, which has not changed. Burrito he was able to do it, but he needed to decide quickly when a few seconds from the end he stole the ball and He went quickly towards the rival area to finish off an empty goal. He did not fire in the first instance and Nil Closas appeared to grab him by the shirt and cut off that promising attack. He saw the red card and there was time for a play of five against three that did not come out and could not prevent the distribution of points.

BeSoccer CD UMA Antequera returned to points, did not lose in their fort at the Fernando Argüelles Pavilion and ended a tough week with a victory in the Copa del Rey and a draw in the League. The next Saturday November 266:00 p.m., will play an Andalusian derby with the Jaén Inner Paradise in the Olivo Arena.

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