Thursday, November 30, 2023

26-20: The Trops lose the option of direct promotion, but will play the promotion if they win next Saturday

Trops Málaga could not do the machada. The blue and white team was surpassed in the second half by Viveros Herol Balonmano Nava, who, with skill and a lot of physicality, ended up winning 26-20 a game that Quino Soler’s boys had control from the beginning and until they reached the tenth minute of the second act.

With this local triumph, Nava returns to the Asobal League in the company of Puerto Sagunto and the Trops consolidates its third position, when Novás succumbed at home against Barça Atlético. Consequently, the costasoleños will have to settle for playing the promotion promotion against the penultimate ranked in the highest category if they win the next Saturday in Los Olivos (7:00 p.m.) at Villa de Arandawho will arrive in Malaga without risking anything.

The match between Nava and the Trops started with a lot of defensive intensity and a certain imprecision when it came to linking plays in the offensive field. After the scoring time, it was the Málaga team that opened the first two-goal gap (2-4) at 08:18. Wingers Pablo Soler, from seven meters, Melgar and Corning, as well as central defender Consuegra, scored the goals and gave the team a momentary victory, though there was still a world left.

Viveros Herol Balonmano Nava was able to tie (4-4) at 11:56. The score was being low, which made clear the enormous defensive work of both teams. Until that moment, the Trops had missed two shots from seven meters, the first, from Soler, and the second, from Melgar, but the team believed in their chances and was still involved in the game, with a little more intensity than his adversary.

Minutes later, the Malacitano goalkeeper Jorge Villamarin, outstanding in his interventions, he also saved a shot from seven meters from Bernabeu, which gave wings to the blue and whites and was the beginning of an escalation that led the people from Malacitano to go three up (5-8) with seven minutes to go end of the first act.

The Trops were showing themselves to be impeccable at the back and with a higher goal than their rival, especially from the wingers, while Nava, supported by their fans who completely filled the Guerrer@s Naveros pavilion, did their utmost to try to reduce the distance , although under the sticks of the Malaga goal was a Villamarín, who was establishing himself as the best of the stake. And when it seemed that the teams would withdraw from the 40×20, winning the Trops by a three-pointer, Daniel Pérez finally made it 8-10 with which the conclusion of the first part was reached..

Back on the field, after passing through the changing rooms, the local team went all out. More dynamic than at the start, Nava managed a 3-0 run in the first five minutes to put the score at 11-10. This comeback woke up the fans, who once again cheered their team on by shouting “Nava, Nava”. Despite the bad start, the Trops recovered in time to turn the score around and go two (11-13) at 07:43. However, a 5-1 run for the locals meant that the Malaga team saw itself, for the first time in the match, losing two (16-14) after halfway through the second period. Now it was Nava who was reading the game better, while Trops was knocked out, not knowing how to stop the Segovian momentum. In fact, with eight minutes to go, Nava achieved the highest rental of the car up to that moment (20-16), a result that set off all the alarms.

The coach from Málaga Quino Soler requested a time-out to give instructions to his team, but far from improving the situation, the stake got even worse (23-18) at 25:48. With this difference, the local fans began to celebrate the direct promotion of their team to Asobal. The party had already clearly opted for Nava, the Trops lowered their arms, and all that was left was for the horn to sound for the party to begin, after the locals finally won 26-20.


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