Thursday, December 1, 2022

22 years ago, the director who asked for work with folded hands, made Rupali ‘Anupama’

TV’s popular actress Rupali Ganguly is getting famous by the name of ‘Anupama’ these days. The social media star actress became famous overnight from this serial. But do you know that Rupali Ganguly started her TV career about 22 years ago. The serial was ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’. It started telecasting in September 2000. Rupali Ganguly is often seen giving her personal life updates to fans through social media posts. Through the latest post, Rupali Ganguly has told many interesting things to the fans about her first audition and the entire journey of her acting career.

Rupali shared the post
The post shared by Rupali Ganguly is actually based on ‘World Television Day’. Rupali Ganguly wrote in the post, “I walked from Worli to Andheri for my first audition. I screwed that role the first time. After that I asked the director with folded hands to give me a second chance, he was the director Rajan Shahi. Rajan sir gave me a second chance after speaking many times. I had full doubt after seeing his face that sir would not like me. Because seeing the expressions I showed on my face after listening to the role, he was very angry. It was done. When I asked him for a second chance and he gave it, he thought that I didn’t have the potential. But I also proved it. I did 9 scenes one after the other and left him impressed. Sir, be an obsessed director I am a spoiled brat who didn’t even know that acting was a serious business.”

Rupali Ganguly further wrote, “I have troubled him a lot. I knew that Sir has started disliking me, but when he invited me to the producer’s party, I understood that he likes me. After that we touch I didn’t stay. There was a long gap. Rajan ji kept moving forward. I kept moving forward in my career. When I entered the TV world again after a gap of many years, I never thought that I would be working with Rajan sir. Will start again. Who has been my first director.

Rupali Ganguly wrote in the end, “Thank you Rajan ji, you introduced me as an actor. And then after 20 years once again brought me into the world of TV, that too by making ‘Anupama’. You are still obsessed and fabulous director. And I hope that in your eyes I have become a responsible actor from a spoiled devil child. I hope that our journey continues to be wonderful, beautiful. Anupama is like a blessing for me, who has made both of us I hope that we can continue to work well through this serial. Thu Thu Thu… Nazar Na Lage. Happy World Television Day to all. Through my favorite medium, I wish you all May I continue to entertain. May I do good work in the years to come. The amount of love you all have showered on my character Anupama has been amazing.”

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