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2022 World Cup predictions: England, Netherlands… The odds for today’s matches

First game of the day, England play against Iran in a very unbalanced match for the 2nd day of the 2022 World Cup. Unhappy finalist of Euro 2021, the English launch their World Cup with a big ambition , that of winning the star. Against the Iranians, the victory does not seem to be in much doubt, the score seems to be the most difficult to predict even if a river score is expected.

At 5 p.m., the first clash of this World Cup between Senegal and the Netherlands. A time announced as the opening match, the second meeting of group A will finally be played this Monday, November 21. Senegal, deprived of their star Sadio Mané, remains the reigning African champions. For the Netherlands, it’s finally time for a big comeback. Deprived of Euro 2016 and the 2018 World Cup, the Dutch are now considered outsiders in this World Cup. First in the qualifying phase, qualified for the Final Four of the League of Nations … The state of form is to the advantage of the Oranje.

Finally, to end this second day, Wales Gareth Bale confront the United States. If the Welsh continue this year with a new international competition, they remain on a big underperformance in the League of Nations with only one point in the six games played.

England v Iran odds

  • Winamax: 1.29 / 5 / 12.5
  • Sports betting: 1.32 / 5 / 12
  • Betclic: 1.29 / 5.3 / 11.5

USA v Wales Odds

  • Winamax: 2.6 / 2.95 / 2.95
  • Sports bets: 2.35 / 3.05 / 3.4
  • Betclic: 2.52 / 3.15 / 3

Senegal v Netherlands odds

  • Winamax: 6.25 / 3.75 / 1.58
  • Sports bets: 5.9 / 3.85 / 1.64
  • Betclic: 6.1 / 3.85 / 1.6

The editorial team’s predictions for Senegal – Netherlands

  • Quentin: 1-1 between the two favorite selections to get out of this group A. Neither of the two teams will want to bow in this first match which should be tight.
  • Christopher: 1-1, a complicated start for the Netherlands against the Senegalese carried by a decisive Koulibaly.
  • Mathias: 0-1 without the presence of Sadio Mané, probably forfeited, the Netherlands will do the job with difficulty.
  • Florian: 0-2: easy victory for the Oranje who appear to be a real contender for victory with their new generation.


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