Friday, December 8, 2023

138 Immigrants from Afghanistan Deported

138 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan who were caught in ISTANBUL were deported. The number of all illegal immigrants deported as of January 2023 has reached 33,879.

In addition to the increased security measures at the borders to combat irregular migration, the inspections of law enforcement units regarding the arrest of those who entered Turkey illegally continue. Caught illegal immigrants are deported on special and scheduled flights. According to the information received from the Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Migration Management, the 21st charter flight from Istanbul to Afghanistan has been organized since January. 138 illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, who were kept under administrative detention at the Binkılıç Removal Center affiliated to the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Migration Management and brought to Istanbul Airport, were sent to their countries by plane of Afghanistan Airlines at 14:00. Thus, 11,124 illegal immigrants were sent to their country with charter flights to Afghanistan this year.

17,687 IRREGULAR IMMIGRATIONS CONTINUE TO EXTRAORDINARY The number of all illegal immigrants whose teams have been deported since January, from the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate of Migration Management, has reached 33,879. The deportation proceedings of a total of 17,687 illegal immigrants continue. Thanks to the security measures taken at the borders, 74,981 illegal immigrants have been prevented from entering the country since the beginning of 2023. Thanks to the intensified efforts to detect and decipher illegal immigrants and organizers, 34,986 illegal immigrants were caught.

– Istanbul


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