Half of the goal has already been met. Without any problem. Unicaja won this Friday 114-58 against the Dutch Heroes Den Bosch in its debut in the Preliminary Phase of the Basketball Champions League at the Martín Carpena. Next Sunday, from 12:30 p.m., the greens will play against the “unknown” Patriote Levice of Slovakia the ticket to play the Regular Phase of the FIBA ​​continental competition starting on October 5.

The truth is that the greens did not suffer anything in these “semis”. It was a very comfortable game from start to finish. A very unequal fight between a Den Bosch with more desire than talent and a Unicaja that purges its past sorrows playing this preliminary phase, but that will be, hopefully, a serious contender to be in the very Fopur Final of the competition, if the Sunday confirms his continental ticket.


The Carpena enjoyed with theirs. And that’s another great news. Almost 6,000 fans attended the call of his team. Beware that there were more people against Den Bosch this Friday than in several games of the last ACB and almost all of the BCL. Something is changing? I wish…

The truth is that there was a lot of desire to see the team and especially Albert Diaz, one of the Eurobasket heroes. The homegrown base has been on everyone’s lips these days. There is a current of general admiration in Spain -and I would dare to say that in all of Europe- for him and for Unicaja, which is the one who is lucky enough to enjoy him in his squad. The fans received him this Friday as a true idol. Also to Brizuela and Lima (AmeriCup runner-up), but it is true that all the spotlights were for the redhead this time.

It was a match without history. The Unicaja came out plugged in. There was no other thing. And those from the Netherlands did not even have time to believe in the surprise. With a perry in a boiling state from minute 1, the greens gave a first rush. Alberto Diaz gave rest to the Montenegrin nationalized American, but the script remained the same. Ibon Navarro exhibited his spectacular wardrobe and the game reached minute 10 with a promising 26-16.


Unicaja put a lot of rhythm into the game. The team pushed back, dominated the rebound, ran and was successful. Especially from the line of 3. The typesetters were widening their difference on the scoreboard. A triple by Brizuela, as soon as he went out on the track, put the +20, with just under 4 minutes to go before the break. After a maximum of 25, the second quarter ended with 53-29. All decided in the absence of the second 20 minutes.

The typesetter exhibition became overwhelming in the third act. Until close to 40 Ibon Navarro’s were placed, who rotated and rotated, but always found a five on the court with a defensive attitude and success in attack. The clash reached the 30th minute with 83-45 and the stands delivered to their own.

Navarro took advantage of the last minutes to do “other things”. He placed Carter in the base position, gave minutes to Lima to gain confidence, also to Ejim, who is one of those who is having a hard time starting… The greens exceeded +50 and the final honk left the score in 114-58. Next Please…