Saturday, December 9, 2023

101 Turkish citizens stuck in Sudan were brought to Istanbul

The evacuation of Turkish citizens trapped in the country due to the internal conflicts that started in SUDAN on April 15 continues. Another 101 people who were evacuated by the Turkish Air Force’s A-400M type military cargo plane, which took off from the city of Port Sudan, Sudan, were brought to Istanbul.

The A-400M type military cargo plane of the Turkish Air Force, which made the evacuation flight, landed at Istanbul Airport at around 18.50. Passengers taken to the terminal completed their passport procedures and entered the country. Passengers, who have been in the middle of the conflict and have been experiencing fearful moments for days, said that they were happy to come back to their country after the evacuation process.

Ayhan Cevik, who works at a power plant 70 kilometers from the capital Khartoum, stated that the area they were in at the time of the conflict in Sudan was under the control of the Rapid Support Forces. Explaining the process he went through regarding his evacuation, Ayhan Çevik said, “We stayed in the construction site for about 11 days. The Embassy organized our evacuation. However, it is difficult to wait for the roads there like in Turkey. It was a difficult process. We reached Port Sudan in 17 hours. One day in Port Sudan. We heard on the news. We heard that one of our three planes that landed at the airport, 100 kilometers from Khartoum, was scanned with light weapons. We had such anxiety. But there was no such thing in Port Sudan. There is an extreme food shortage there. I’m happy for you.” said.


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