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10 things about the Apple Vision Pro that Apple did not show in the presentation

The Apple Vision Pro are, without a doubt, one of the most revolutionary products on the market due to its features that are so different from any other virtual reality and augmented reality viewer. Apple officially announced them during WWDC 2023, where they showed off many of their features, as well as other relevant details about design, processors, sensor technology, and more.

The company, however, and as usual in product announcements, did not reveal all the details of the Apple Vision Pro during its presentation. There are a number of curious and important features and data that we have been able to find out thanks to more precise information published on the web, through those who have had the opportunity to try them, and after a first contact in hypertextual from Apple Park, in Cupertino.

They are details about their screens, speakers, battery or interface; precisely some of the key features of what Apple calls “spatial computing”.

VisionOS is full of details in the interface

A curious detail of visionOS, the Apple Vision operating system, is the high level of detail of some interface elements. The most remarkable? When the glasses reproduce windows in augmented reality, these create a shading that is reflected on the surface, to simulate that we are interacting with that window in reality.

The Apple Vision Pro, on the other hand, includes a spatial sound speaker system. This, unlike other smart glasses, not a bone conduction speakerotherwise it is a conventional one, like that of the iPhone or any Mac. Therefore, if a person is in the room, they can hear what the user is playing through their glasses.

However, Apple Vision Pro is compatible with AirPods Proso it is possible to use the headphones to disable the sound of the main speakers and, for example, play a movie in mid-flight.

About the Vision Pro screens

Inside the Apple Vision pro

The Vision Pro screens have very interesting details that go beyond their resolution or technology. According to youtuber Marques Brownlee, who has been able to test them for 30 minutes, suggests that the refresh rate of the panels is 120 Hz Or at least it feels like they’re running at 120Hz.

The Apple Vision Pro screen, by the way, is not transparent: It is an opaque mini LED glass. This means that the eyes that are shown in the viewfinder, and that the rest of the people see, are captured by a series of cameras that are inside the device. Therefore, the person sees a reproduction of those eyes, not the real ones.

A 2 hour battery. Enough?

Apple claims that the Vision Pro’s battery last up to two hours. It is an acceptable duration considering the device, but it does have some drawbacks. For example, the company claims the lenses are designed for more immersive movie watching, but many are over two hours long.

It is also not clear if the battery will be replaceable. That is, if the user who acquires the Vision Pro can buy another battery to quickly exchange it and continue playing content.

The Apple Vision Pro have an age restriction

Apple VisionPro |  WWDC 2023: all Apple announcements.  Vision Pro, iOS 17, new Macs and more

As stated 9to5Macthe Apple Vision Pro may not be used by children under 13 years of age. The company, therefore, could restrict access to those Apple accounts whose date of birth is less than 13 years old.

What about people who wear glasses?

The Apple Vision Pro can be used by people who wear glasses. Of course, the viewfinder will not be placed on top of the lenses. Apple has worked with Zeiss to design compatible optics. In this way, the user with vision problems You will need corrective lenses that will be attached by magnets to the glasses.

The Apple Vision Pro have a curious privacy function

A curious function: for privacy reasons, Apple does not allow applications or websites to have access to the input of the eyes through Optic ID, so they cannot know what area of ​​the app they are looking at.

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