Saturday, September 30, 2023

0-1. Málaga CF condemns itself to hell

It is an almost final blow. The only thing that can make believe at this moment that the salvation of the Malaga CF is possible is mathematics. To 10 points of the permanence missing 12 days, and just after losing at home against a very direct rival. I don’t know if there will be a single malaguista right now who thinks that the team can still avoid falling into the third category of Spanish football. Once again everything went wrong. A good first half for the team was of no use after Moreno Aragón expel Genaro in the first second act play. From then on, everything changed and, with so many minutes down in numbers, the Blue and Whites were unable to keep even the point. Inigo Vicente He made the visiting goal that leaves Sergio Pellicer’s men on the ropes.

The match began with a scare at 30 seconds. Baturina was about to catch a ball inside the blue and white area. He touched her lightly and couldn’t give her a good direction. After the initial shock, Pellicer’s men tried to take command of the situation. He began to turn the game towards the rival goal, but Racing came out in danger every time Málaga left gaps.

A head clash with Esteban Burgos as the protagonist slowed down the pace of the game. But it didn’t take long for him to warm up again after Luis Muñoz called for a penalty after falling inside the area. Málaga began to press and Rubén Castro was close to making it 1-0. He came too forced to Lago Junior’s good center from the right. And immediately afterwards, the Ivorian made Parera work with a tight shot from distance.

For many minutes now, the feeling of danger was provided by Málaga. A great combination now between Fran Villalba and Rubén Castro that ends with a shot from the player on loan from Sporting who narrowly missed. Many minutes now without José Alberto’s team generating danger over Rubén Yáñez’s goal, but the goal on the other side did not come and the one with the most urgency was the Costa del Sol team. At halftime, 0-0.

condemned with one less

Those of Pellicer were better than his rival, but for the moment it was not enough to unbalance the balance. As the minutes progressed, the coach had to start to vary the plan and take more risks, because a tie was of little use. But he did not give time for things to change from the band. In the first play of the second half, between Genaro and the referee, Moreno Aragón, the game was destroyed. Tackle of the blue and white midfielder who hits an opponent’s foot and the braid showed him a straight red. Harder if possible…

Málaga had to resist the entire second half with one less man, and above all with the need to go and score to take the three points. The party, logically, changed completely after the expulsion. That superiority that Málaga had shown in the first act disappeared and allowed Racing to grow.

Pellicer’s first changes came in minute 60. N’Diaye and Juande came on for Luis Muñoz and Esteban Burgos. Despite the inferiority, Málaga had a couple of arrivals led by Delmás on the right wing, but halfway through the second half there was a blow to the chin. Play inside the area between Íñigo Vicente and Baturina that perfectly defined the ’10’ of the Cantabrians in the face of the passivity of the blue and white defenders.

Desperate and Malaga. Fran Sol to the field for Ramalho. The game was broken and it could even reach 0-2 on some occasion. Pellicer’s men went all out until 96, with more heart and anxiety than football, and the points flew again from Martiricos on the key day.

Málaga failed once again this season. The abyss of the First RFEF is very close. The comeback now seems impossible. Does anyone believe in miracles? Well, that’s what the blue and white team needs to maintain the category. A miracle.


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